Race Report: Holiday Bowl Parade 5K

Well folks we did it again. My Mom and I raced another 5K. I must say it was pretty darn fun.

On of course another beautiful day in San Diego and yes folks I did the race wearing my skinny jeans. Beat that for fashion and function.

I showed up to the start rested, relaxed and with everything I needed.

This time instead of racing at 2:00 p.m. on Friday it was a 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday race and it wasn't small. There was a crowd of 100,000 people. Turns out they weren't all racing. Many were there for the Holiday Bowl Parade and some were there for the Weiner Dog national championship race thatpreceded our 5K. Man for a little dog they make a lot of noise.

Before the race my Mom and I put our heads together and came up with some goals.

My goals were about the same as last time.
1. First in age (perferably age group course record)
2. First stroller
3.Finish in front of my Mom ( No offense or disrespect meant but a race is a race)
4. PR

I accomplished my goals but it wasn't until the results were posted that I could celebrate my PR. I was a little cocky I guess entering the  race I guess. See I was only a mere 13 weeks when I ran  my last race. Clearly I am much fitter and stronger than before. I know running favors the lighter athlete but ...it's weight to strength. I am soooo much stronger now. Plus, the last 5K I did was on sand. Certainly I would be faster on pavement. The problem I didn't consider, and in truth my Mom warned me about, was the crowd and the corners. I believe 2000 people entered this 5K and about 1700  of them started way to close to the front. I know I am only 15.5 weeks old but I honestly have been training my whole life and some of these people hadn't trained at all. Anyway we really had our work cut out for us in terms of manuvering. No offense but I think my Dad would have been a little more skilled and aggressive at this. I will say my Mom did a pretty good job of ringing her bell, yelling "On your left", and managing to avoid clipping the heel of other racers. I admit I had a few doubts when my Mom's Garmin said our pace was 9:19 a 1/2 mile into the race. I managed to stay relaxed and let her draft off me and things opened up for us. It was close but per my Mom's chip time we PR'd by 1 second. That's a little too close for comfort and I told my Mom next time she should put the timing chip on me. Not to sound like a big shot bragger she tends to lag just a little bit behind me. My Mom said she wanted us to finish sub 22:XX this time but clearly she needs to be a little more tactical if she is to obtain that speed
Yup, that's the Midway behind us.

My Mom really can take advantage of the post race goodies now that she has me and the stroller. I mean who can argue with her when they hand out juice boxes and she asks for two...one for the baby. Seriously who can say no. After the race we enjoyed the Big Balloon Parade.

Betty Boop and The Blue Angels were just a few of my favorites.

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