Something To Prove

We all have something to prove. Apparently if one is too hung up on the issue, they risk getting labeled as having a chip on their shoulder. I'm not worried about that. I only eat corn chips and despite being messy I never get them on my shoulder. Who does that? So back again to the statement: Today's children economically useless, emotionally priceless. 
 I have great economic value. I helped build the trail in the above picture. In addition, I named the trail. In addition to that, there is a spot on the trail called Annika's slide. It is the natural terrain and I slid down on my bum bum pronouncing it a slide. I think about 25% of the riders will be able to clear this section without putting down a foot. Please note in your moment of regrouping and thinking "that spot is too steep" a 2 year old slid down that very spot with a huge grin and a "wee!"

 The trails aren't the only place I carry my own weight.
I am a big help in the kitchen. I unwrapped all the Hershey's Kisses for these cookies. So a few of them may have gone in my mouth and had to be set aside by my Mother. What of it? Don't worry, if she missed any I accidentally contaminated...They were just going to my Dad's ride group. Hello! Men who ride their bikes in the dirt, dark, and rain certainly have dealt with worse. And now you know why homemade baked goods are banned from preschool.
Economic Worth case in point #1452: I cleaned my Mother's bike. Maybe I have ulterior motives. I figure in about 7th grade I'll fit in my Mom's bikes. Why steal shoes when you can borrow a bike? Seriously, I'm well trained. Mid cleaning I asked "Mamma are those pizza cutter wheels?" (Good question, technically no...they are 29+ , half way to Fat tires. Perfect for fall leaves. Pizza cutter wheels....Kids says the darndest things. 

Be Brave And Ride On!

 We went to the Baraga Street Festival for the second straight year.
 Some children were ferreted around in strollers, wagons, or tag along bikes. I chose the high ride. Papa Tim Tim's shoulders.
 Rumor had it there would be a carousel. The rumor was not a rumor. It was true. I waited in line. I measured beyond the height. Poor Curious George would not have passed. I thought my turn would never come....

 And then it was my turn! But it was frightening. It wasn't like riding a real horse or pony.
 The bar was cold and the horse went up and down! I mean UP AND DOWN!
And then I relaxed. I started to have fun.

 A lot of fun! Proof one should never give up and never give in.
 My first words upon exit: Do it again? Hey it never hurts to ask.

Morning Light!

There isn't an athlete in existence that hasn't been up before dawn to train, hoping to be rewarded at the next race.
Sometimes a morning ride has nothing to do with racing ...
and everything to do with what you'll see along the way.
 I believe not only in RDM , Race Day Magic, the reward that comes to hard working athletes when all of their training efforts come together on race day allowing an amazing performance.
 But also in ADM...Any Day Magic. Any day magic doesn't happen everyday but it could happen on any day. It's when the experience you have far exceeds what you were expecting.
 Proof that life is worth getting up for. Even when it is dark, cold, and your bed is warm.

 And with that....
 It's time to ride.

Economically Useless Emotionally Priceless

 Economically useless. Emotionally priceless. A term that describes the child in a modern day family. Before those holding AARP cards start cluck clucking and trash talking today's parents for not using the belt please note; if you had homework, you too fall into the category of being economically useless.

Personally, I would like to challenge this statement by saying my cohorts and I may indeed be emotionally priceless but economically useless? Oh, I think not. Look at us rake those leaves. Hah! I've heard so much about "Raising Bebe" How much better behaved the French children are. I have heard how wonderful the public preschool is and how they eat gourmet food. Here is what I would like to hear. ..Do they provide lawn care? If the answer is no....well then maybe we American kids and our parents are not so bad.

Seriously, did anybody ever stop and think maybe we kids today are not so bad? Mind you, I did not say not so messy, or not a lot of work. It seems like I just keep reading about all the bad behaviors in children due to the awful parenting. Please note "parent" is no longer a noun, it is a verb.

Seriously, there are all these books about child rearing, Tiger Momming, helicoptering, and if you read them you think we are in a terrible state and that every parent today has adopted a parenting style of which NONE are right.

If you step back for a second and watch my friends and I play.You might think maybe, just maybe, we are just kids and we are alright. Low and behold, you might think maybe, just maybe, our parents.....they are alright too. Seriously, is there a book out there that says maybe todays parents are doing a fine job. Probably not, because then there wouldn't be anything left to sell.

 Parents can laugh about their children becoming boneless and lowering their bodies to the ground in any grocery store, bank, post office, fancy restaurant, you name it. Articles from the Huffington post summarizing preschoolers and toddlers are wildly popular. However, if you are from a generation once removed can it. If you dare sigh at my mere entrance to an establishment remember you are entitled to drink your coffee in peace...
 In peace somewhere else! How about your house? I am sure it is quiet.

 Now if you'll excuse me. I have to get back to my fantasy play.
 My airplane is soon departing.

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Imagine a place where kids are encouraged to ride their bikes
Off road
On single track
 Real single track
With roots and trees and turns

I really got a feel for things and advanced my skills

I mean look at that girl rip

There was a great crowd for me to learn from

 We must live in a special place. It ain't the 909

 For sure, it's the 906. Area code for adventure. All season, all sports, all adventure
 I was awarded this water bottle. Don't think I don't know what those stripes mean .

 What you think I am just here for fun?

 Or some good exercise?

 Hah! I have perfected the art of shuttling!
 My Dad shuttled me up to the top of the caterpillar bumps. We have caterpillar bumps, bridges and teeter totters. I rode everything. Cleaned all of it. The teeter totters were my favorite.

 That being said sometime a mellow ride with friends is perfect.
 There really are a lot of equipment choices in the sport of mountain biking. A bike is a bike is a bike...said no decent mountain biker ever!
 My friend prefers a classic wood bike with black tires. While I ride a blingy pink bike with clean white tires. Note the difference in our frames geometry and wheel size? See mountain biking is not just for adults.

Live long, ride strong, and be merry.