Easter and Awesome April

 I love Easter. The thought of sitting on Santa's may frightens me. The  I see Easter bunny is a different story all together.

Mama? Do you like the Easter bunny too?
Awe! He brought me a basket with all the essentials. Books, Bandaids, Knee, elbow, and risk guards, and a tiara. Sounds about right for a 3.5 year old.

Finally Spring has arrived. Well at least we think it has. I mean it's here for the moment ....so we may as well take advantage.
March and April are full of family birthdays. Fine by me. Birthday = party + cake & ice cream.

I like wearing birthday hats too.

My Dad is nesting. During week 39 of pregnancy, we built a trail with switch backs and a pump track inner backyard. 
My Mom treated every chance to workout like her last (for a while). The 39 weeks 6 day belly shot. Taken oh...3 hours before her water broke. If you are wondering how long it's safe to swim during pregnancy from an infection stand point....until the end, the very end when and if the water breaks. ...and after the water breaks go to the hospital and get in the tub until fully dilated.... it will be your epidural.
Notice I said "go to the hospital" and get in the tub. Brother, was a little  bit (lot bit ) stuck. The delivery went from being told to think about what restaurant in town you want to order dinner from before 9:00 p.m. to an OR delivery at 2:53 a.m. But really who cares about dinner when you have a new baby to snuggle with.
People thought my Mom styled her hair for this picture. Umm...Yeah ..we call it the sweaty, bedhead, I pushed as hard as I could for as long as allowed look.
My brother's name is Isaac Michael. I picked out his middle name. Currently I like to call him Isaac-eee. I help change his diapers and pick out his outfits everyday.
Grandma loves babies. She really is a baby whisperer. I tested her to see if she was a pre -school whisperer as well while my Mom was in the hospital. When I administer a test....It ain't no open book, there is no wrong answer sort of test.
I think she passed... but probably is still recovering from my fiascos.

This is my signature preschool pick -up move. You will never find me here Dad, but I am a Great big sister .