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Well folks for some reason Google blog thinks I have no You tube videos so I am unable to upload them in the slick format I did last time. Gee Whizzakers! What is this amatuer hour? It is a bruise to my ego (otherwise stated as "Baby Toe Hurt or Oh Bugger!"

Here they are my latest mischief masterpieces.

A walk with style

Young at Heart: A Sweet Summer Romance

Happy Mother's Day

To the Mamma's and the Grandma's out there I would like to say "thank you" and "I love you" with all my toddler heart. What can I say? I have been working overtime creating raw material and exhibiting film worthy behavior for some new Pitter Patter Productions films hence the reason I missed an update of last weekends fun. Don't give up on me. I could still come through. I know my Grandma's are hitting the refresh button on their computers right now just hoping for a movie trailer. However, at the end of the day You Tube and Google blog don't seem to want to cooperate. Still life is all I got for you. Still...it is better than nothing so here goes.

Mother's Day Weekend 2013

That's me and my Mama.
Otherwise known as "Mama, Mama, Mama"
Saturday, my Mom and I were cruising Montana Avenue. I was decked out right. Rolling in my pink convertible. We happened to stroll past the funky chic store Splendid and were invited to a Mother's day party. My Mom was decked out in pre "I'm going mountain biking attire" circa 7 years ago so clearly it was me who snagged the invite.
Good thing I had it going on. It was a super rad party. A cookie decorating party with milk, pictures, and flowers to go with it. The milk that comes in the tetra packs. The kind that is so in these days at the playgrounds. The kind that comes in the carton with cows jumping and dancing around. The kind that inspires me to shout "moo moo" and run with joy when I see it. The kind that is unfortunately sold at Whole Food, Starbucks, Vons, & Costco and for a fraction of price at Costco...but only comes in chocolate....which is always at some point squeezed onto white clothing.
My Mom wasn't as excited about the milk and cookies as the chance to take some fun pictures. She thinks I'm growing and changing everyday.There was a small sign with a warning that said entrance to the event was considered a signed model/photo release. There were lots of high quality cameras with big lenses. On our way out, a lot of pictures were snapped of me getting flowers from the Flower Lady's truck. The flowers were for my Mom for Mother's Day of course. I was asked to choose the colors and I said "yell -gow" with pride. My Mom wished she could get a picture too. Her hands, like most Mom's were full. My take home cookies and open milk container, and a multitude of other things that have inspired some Santa Monica Mom's to bring back the fanny pack deterred her from attempting to capture photos of this moment. Yeah, know what your thinking ...fanny pack? a purse swings when you stoop to pick up a toddler. Anyway! Maybe someday those pictures will turn up. Maybe the photographer(s) is (are) reading this blog now and will email them in high resolution to my Mom! Maybe not, so we'll keep snapping away.  
You never know what ordinary moment in the presesnt might seem extraordinary in retrospect. BTW..I am not sure I like this retrospect character. He always seems to disagree with what I thought at the time.
My Dad, was a big part of the Mother's Day weekend as well.
I helped him out with his work so my Mom could ride on some dirt.
While she was gone we used finger paints to make a Mother's Day card. Finger paints, cookies...this holiday does it up right!
Like mother like daughter. It appears neither of has mastered how to correctly wear a helmet.
  Yeah,  I know what you are thinking regrding the visor. It's like the fanny pack, but worse .My Mom hasn't actually adopted the fanny pack. The visor is really helpful for alternating shade and full sun on a mountain bike....and LA isn't just about fashion, it's about acting. My Mom is really getting good at catching riders on the climb up Sullivan Canyon and pretending she really isn't working very hard. How's that for acting skills When in Rome? Anyway, it would be helpful if a manufacturer of a women's hat would actually make a hat that fit a woman. The helmet would sit where it actually protects the precious cargo it covers. Thanks!
Speaking of hats and protective wear. I've got mine on and I am ready to get busy. Saturday, after the party, and after the ride. We ran to the Annnenberg and I played in the waves. 2 of the 3 runners had complaints of bonking while coming up from the Palisades on the way back home. One of the the three, had the energy to act out all of "if you are happy and you know it." SayYeah!.... to the era of I phone speakers as my parents where huffing and puffing and could not have sufficiently sung me a song up the hill. Once, we arrived on Ocean Ave, my parents busted into my lunchbox and downed my emergency snacks. They say kids can't go anywhere without there snacks these days. Hmm...maybe it's the parents problem. It seems I am an expert on nutrition.

It appeared my snack of homemade carrot, mango, applesauce out performed any energy gel. One mile later my Mom was running an 8 ish min mile, pushing a 23 lb strollers, 26 lb me, and at least 10 lbs of sand toys/beach gear, all the while singing Old Mac Donald had a farm. Now, I know lots of people oink like pigs on accident when they run but can you? Would you? Could you? If you would? Sing e-i-e-i-o  while you run. Happy Mother's Day Mom.