Racer and Chaser Mtn Bike Series: Black Mtn

This winter my husband started racing in a local mountain bike race series called the Racers and Chasers. I wasn't that interested until I saw that he was having so much fun. I repeat so much fun.

Husband told me to stop smiling at cameras in races and make myself look faster and tougher. Look closely husband is smiling. He can't help it. He loves getting out there and ripping so much. He can't even make a mean and tough face.

Wifey loves to be in the thick of things. When she saw how much fun husband was having she wanted in on the action.

But first she had to get a bike......Preferably it would be made in North America and it would be pink. Not to be too picky but if it could be light, with duel suspension and lots of gears that would be appreciated too. Oh yeah, she also had to learn the ride the bike.

There is a childrens division but the above rider is acutally in the 30-39 division.

Husband said there weren't a lot of girls at the Racer and Chaser events. Wifey thought "Hmph. A party for the boys, well that's no fair. Some of the boys told her she could race beginner class. She asked what they raced. The boys said sport, she said "Me too."

She gathered a fast female friend and off the boys club they went.

They crashed the party.

They were asked if they were sisters. Yup, the Racer and Chaser sisters.
Rumor has it they can be heard a mile away cackling while climbing.

Husband ran toward them just before the finish and told them they were both had won their classes. He asked them for a sprint finish...They are still working on their skills and sprinting through a figure 8 finish in front of a crowd seemed a little daunting. Next time perhaps the Racer and Chaser sisters will pop wheelies in tandem for a grand finale.

Top honors really go to the husband for having such contagious enthusiasm for mountain biking. My thought is that I should race and ride mountain bikes as much as I can. When others find out how much fun we are having they will flock to the sport. The trails will be occupied like an L.A. freeway . If only we could keep a secret about our fun.

Husband name has officially been changed to STUD ON A SINGLE SPEED. He not only won the single speed division but he beat all the people in his age too.....with no gears and no suspension. Sources say his riding improved greatly after a certain picture of him passed out in a "Fat Cyclist" jersey aired on this blog. He also beat his wife by ...um, 20 minutes.

Trying very to hard to recall a time where so much fun was had by all. Even managed to meet some very cool girls. People were so nice.

There really isn't a more fun atmosphere.

To recap:
Sunday, April 25th. A boat load of fun was had by:

The Stud on a Single Speed!

The Racer!

and The Chaser!

The End

How to look cool at a club race.

Triathlon is a sport for the physically elite and ultra cool. Occassionly the sports cool status in jepordized by a geeky individual. A "Tri Geek". See below for examples.
The featured athlete covers her face as if to say "No photos please"
Maybe it was just my attempt to wave to my friends cheering and photographing.

Triathletes are blessed with great coordination and are graceful at all times.
Today I learned the real reason triathletes do the flying mount/dismount. Not only is it faster. It looks much cooler on camera. By the way I have tri shoes....they just hurt my feet. Wait a minute high heels hurt my feet, but I wear them at times when it is important to look good.
All triathletes are super lean. Display a muffin top and you will have to wear a "Fat Cyclist" Jersey.
Phew! I think it's just skin. Good thing I read every word of "Race Weight"
Smile with the confidence of a seasoned triathlete because:
You know where the port -a potties are and you don't wear white shorts while racing.

Terrific Tuesday

When I woke up this morning my legs felt like a million pounds a piece. To be honest this delighted me because it means I'm must be having a lot of fun these days. However, I had no time for tired legs because today I was meeting the girls for a ride and a run. The thought of this (and a quick soak in a tub full of Epson salt) put some spring back into my step. Today there were 7 girls on bikes with a token male escort. Julie's husband John was the lucky male.

My legs may have thought they were tired, but my bike was in 7th heaven. She thought she was in a parade. It was so much fun. These ladies were fast and energetic and it was contagious. The only problem was I had so much fun I don't no how I will sleep tonight or ever again for that matter.

One more day off and I am going to need to go back to work for some rest. I thought a shift in the ICU was tiring. Hah.

Easter Earthquake

We had a great Easter. I regret to inform you the Easter Bunny might be a bit of a drunk. Instead of candy, he brought Tim a basket of beer and a bit of coffee. Apparently not all of it was supposed to be for Tim. It really made it hard for the Easter Bunny to hop along at any decent speed so he left it all at our house. He advised Tim to share but we will see what Tim does.
I was supposed to have to work on Easter but the Easter Bunny arranged for me to get the day off. Well actually I was on call, which meant by mid afternoon if I hadn't been called in I wouldn't be. The Easter Bunny worked his magic and we headed out for a mountain bike ride. We were inspired by a recent mountain bike movie we watched....directed by "The Weekender" and we couldn't wait to ride. Once again I kept up with the boys. Ok, so the boys had one gear to my dozens but that's not my fault. Then I dropped Tim. Ok, so his pedal broke. You can't really blame that on me either:)

Once again I learned how to best survive an earthquake. Ride a bike. This is the second earthquake I have ridden my bike through. Apparently you don't feel the motion if you are in motion and I only stop moving when I am sleeping. In all seriousness I am thankful to be safe.

Easter Weekend 2010

Pine Valley Duathlon 2010
Laguna is one of my favorite places to ride whatever the route.
After the race we were very hungry. Since TCSD was supporting the Duathlon I brought only a few gels. Our journey was only beginning. We needed more fuel. We wanted real food. Leave it to Tim to think of the answer.
I don't like bagels! They taste ok, but honestly they are the biggest hoax ever. Disguised as something healthy they have the calories of a slice of pie. Why not just have pie?

The Tri Club carried participants belongings down the mountain but we didn't want any time constraints on our fun. So onward to Julian we road. After that it was up Engineers Rd with shoes on our back and pie in our belly. The strangest thing happened. The climb seemed easier than ever before. I think it was because I knew if I got tired pedaling up the mountain I could put my comfy running shoes on and push my bike up.

What a good day.