Last weekend we went to the big city Green Bay.

In case you are not familiar with Green Bay it's home of the Green Bay Packers and home of the Tundra Bay Lodge ...the best hotel ever.It has a water park inside, a lion in the lobby, bunk beds in your room, and get this...the best part ever loud music from a wedding reception blaring next to your room at bedtime. Rock on!

Really it is hard to compete with.

Speaking of competing...It was also the weekend of the Green Bay Marathon.
Did I mention that? My Mom was running a marathon. I actually had some concept of how far a marathon was because my class talked about it. We talked about how it was further than going to Ishpeming on a school bus for a field trip. We talked about  how long the school bus ride was. After that discussion, we said a prayer. Good thinking right? Reason #1542 to send your child to Catholic school.

I made a sign for my Mom at the expo. I wanted to illustrate economy of motion so I left the arms off of the runner.
Our hotel was on the first mile of the marathon course. My Mom knew just where to look for us and she knew she better not show up early. We all know what happened at her last marathon when she went out at 7min/mile instead of 8 min/miles. 
Here they come and there she is. She wore a red head band just so I could spot her. She wasn't even too far ahead of schedule ;) 
After all that pre race chatter  regarding conserving energy and running the tangents Mama ran off course in the first mile of the race to give me a hug. Her goal was to run 8min/miles for 26.2 miles and she did...sort of. Officially her time was 3:30.15 which is 8:02, but she didn't run the tangents  ran off course an extra 0.1 mile so she ran an average of 7:59 for 26.3 miles. Truth is the marathon is a tricky beast. If a runner can take 8 minutes off his/her time while running less total weekly miles, train and execute on race day while sleep is sub optimal, have a year of consistent injury free running post c-section and while nursing a baby then it qualifies as success. She really needs to write her own race report. Why keep secrets?

Seriously...It would be cheesy.

One Year Of I Man

It really seems like only yesterday Isaac came screaming into this world. 
He looks like a sweet little peanut and he is for the most part..but don't for one minute be fooled into thinking he is just this chill little guy willing to be in my shadow.

He's a handful and a half. My Mom was thinking when she checked into the hospital wearing over sized running shoes and recovery compression sock because let's face it, it's not like any mom ever stops running.

 Isaac wants to do everything I do. People call the carrier Isaac is strapped into an Ergo...We all know it's a restraint to keep Isaac from attempting to do things suitable only for those  age 4 and up
 Once in a while I do help him out with age appropriate activities such as flying airplanes
 Sometimes my Mom just admits defeat and gives into Isaac's way.
Poor Mom I am certain she was betting that the rock would be too uncomfortable for Isaac to crawl on. She thought she could fasten him back up and look like a normal responsible Mom who had some degree of control over her children. Look at Isaac's grin. Think again Mother. 

 Speaking of control...look who has a hold of the reins here? Any questions.
Isaac is a get away boy. He might have better luck getting away if he didn't shriek with joy upon every attempt to get away. Pretty much .. it's baby jail around here.

No Isaac . Post run cappuccino is not for babies.

 Isaac fusses when My Mom runs on the treadmill
 Because he wants to be on the treadmill
 Note the sign indicating that running on the treadmill is the easiest part of my Mom's day.  My Mom claims she is am union employee and for every 12 hour shift she gets 2x15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch break. She says she saves them all up for 60 minutes of running. She's entitles . It's union law. If we don't like it we can file a grievance.
 Isaac thinks he is entitled the lego table in my classroom.

 My Dad's, Brother's and Grandpa's birthdays are all within one week.
 We threw a party and called it a boy bash.

 My Mom only got Isaac one present. It was his very own cake. A smash cake.
Happy Birthday Isaac we love you. However, as your big sister Annika, I am a little jealous you got to smash your cake and eat it too.

Spring Took A Break

 When we returned from spring break ... Spring took a break.

 The ski hill was closed for the season ..but as long as there is snow the trails are open

 Brother helps pick out the wax

 Hurray for snow day open gym.
 The wonderful thing about heavy wet spring snow is that we can just plant brother somewhere and he can't crawl off into trouble.