So Much Summer

With a little magic 
and a lot of super hero power ...

 The school year has come to an end.

 Not without the classic end of the year school trip to a family farm .
 Isaac got to ride the bus and help chaperone. It was the best day of his life. Buses, barns, electric fences...maybe I need to be wearing the super hero cape. 
 It's bitter sweet finishing Pre K and moving on to kindergarten...but alas it is time to move on. For the record I will be attempting to stop time once Isaac is in Pre K.
The school year ended with a trip to the Garland zoo, a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's, and a trip downstate to see friends.
The most amazing thing ever happened on the last day. The children were allowed to eat ice cream for breakfast.

 This did a little to sweeten the blow of leaving our old friends and new BFF's
 It was hard to say good bye. During tough times you just hold on to what you've got.
 At least until it squirms away. 
Once home it was business as usual. Riding bikes and wrenching on them.
 Learning about turtles and snakes

 playdates and sprinklers
 Stringing beads
and digging in the sand.

Birthday Bash!

 April is birthday month for this family. We hosted the  second annual birthday bash. Amending the name of the shin dig from Boy Bash to Birthday Bash.

The party was complete with backyard tomahawks. Lawn darts and horseshoes just don't compare! Compliments to my father-in law Bruce, who although was not in attendance, sent the tomahawks in his honor. He can not only pick the best back yard entertainment but can pair award winning wine to compliment it.

My niece Maddy turned 15 at the beginning of April .

Tim celebrated his 39 th birthday April 20.

Grandpa Dan turned 70 April 25th.
 And Isaac stole the show by turning the big 0-2 April 28th.
 Or rather stole the cake...

Eat some. Wear some. Share some...
 You know what sharing means right? If it is mine, it's mine and if it is yours it's mine too.
 I put my foot down to a recent trend of purchasing cupcakes or a bakery cake from the Huron Bakery and resurrected the tradition of baking the cake from scratch. I understand  the bakery is a town favorite. The cupcakes and cakes look beautiful. Beautiful in a way I can't compete with. I just have a hard time believing that a commercial process utilizing bulk ingredients can compete with hand measured hand sifted high quality ones. Gee .... Did I just say that?....It  is not just about what somebody or something looks like that is most important. What is important is the process in which something or somebody is crafted and the ingredients put in it. So anyhow...I guess you won't see me in the plastic surgeons office anytime soon. The crows feet around my eyes are looking pretty good now aren't they?
A Tonka truck for a two year old boy you can't go wrong!
 Happy Birthday Isaac! You are king of the mountain and king of our hearts.

You have been bringing  the world laughter and smiles since before you were born.
We love you!