Nothing says summer better than fresh veggies. Can you say Farmer's Market?
Can you say load up the stroller?
OK doak artichoke. Let's giddy up with our next adventure.

I began my career as a cyclist this week. At first glance you'd say I wasn't that into it.
I actually did like it...but I was being dragged along a mile behind my Mom. Then I fell asleep. Then I fell over despite being properly secured in my harness. Then she rudely woke me up. She was worrying about the weight of my helmet on my little neck muscles. Supposedly/statistically the trailer is the safest. My mom agrees that it is very stable and doesn't change the handling of the bike. She says she did not like it because she couldn't take advantage of many of the pedestrian paths getting to and from the boardwalk because the trailer wouldn't fit.  In truth, I believe it was because I was too far away from her. I'm sure she got lonely without me to talk to. Rumor has it she thinks that is what cycling with the girls is all about.
Next I tried the I -bert. Let me tell you I loved it. I shrieked with excitement! It is very light and a very simple design. My Mom's bike and stem are too short though so she had to cowboy her legs around the seat and kept bashing her knees into my seat ...or so she says. We all know the real truth she was tired of me being in front. I am always in front when we run together. Always! In fact  I am even in front with my eyes closed and I schlep all of our gear. She makes me carry my own snacks and her water bottle along with her I phone, garmin, wallet, and clean T shirt for story hour. I should request a carbon fiber stroller to lighten my load. Anyway, I got off track. Next up we will try the baby seat that mounts to a bike rack behind the seat. I'll keep you posted.

I can just imagine my Mom and I riding along the boardwalk on some quiet mornings after the tourist season is over . Our hair smashed by helmets blowing in the wind. For now we will just practice hanging out in front of the fan.
While I wait for the perfect bike set up I could settle for riding a pony. I spotted this ride on 16 th street North of Montana. I wonder if the owners would mind if I exercised it a bit. I mean horses need daily exercise do they not? I know what you are thinking shouldn't post where you live on facebook or the Internet. Hold your horses. I can assure you much to my chagrin  I do not live North of Montana Avenue. Besides that, we run all over town. My Mom had an all time high in terms of weekly run miles. They were ran as a means of resting while I am safely secured in a 4 point restraint harness and not able to climb on or destroy anything .... as a means of shuttling me to story hour, the parks, the grocery store and the farmers market.

On that note, I actually logged more miles than my Mom by doubling up and running with my Dad. I had my first celebrity sighting running with my Dad Saturday. In truth, it's not that big of a deal. I was treated with celebrity status everyday of my life in San Diego. 
Thank goodness for the parks.  Not only can I play the drums but I have a super large xylophone to play with too. I'll be promoted to rockstar status in no time.

We've Moved!

 Well we had our fun in San Diego.
 But the end snuck up on us and it was time to pack up in a hurry.
Yes! I am aware I was photographed not wearing pants. I told you we were in a hurry.
In the final moments there may have been a bit of monkeying around
just to ensure we savored some of those typical yet special moments
before they were going, going, gone.

One evening I climbed in the car and fell asleep and in the morning to clarify I didnt sleep all night in the car when I woke up........
Hello Santa Monica!!!!!
What nice weather you have!
 Fun for all ages. If only I was 2...then I could attend gymnastics in the sand.
I guess I'll have stick to my tried and true activities swinging, swimming, and stories.
But wait! There is more fun. Douglas Park has swings, sprinklers, and sand!

 I found me a childrens bookstore with nooks and cranny's and cool chairs too.