We've Moved!

 Well we had our fun in San Diego.
 But the end snuck up on us and it was time to pack up in a hurry.
Yes! I am aware I was photographed not wearing pants. I told you we were in a hurry.
In the final moments there may have been a bit of monkeying around
just to ensure we savored some of those typical yet special moments
before they were going, going, gone.

One evening I climbed in the car and fell asleep and in the morning to clarify I didnt sleep all night in the car when I woke up........
Hello Santa Monica!!!!!
What nice weather you have!
 Fun for all ages. If only I was 2...then I could attend gymnastics in the sand.
I guess I'll have stick to my tried and true activities swinging, swimming, and stories.
But wait! There is more fun. Douglas Park has swings, sprinklers, and sand!

 I found me a childrens bookstore with nooks and cranny's and cool chairs too.


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