Vacations and Staycations

Vacations are awesome. So are staycations.
n late June/July my in-laws graced us with a visit. It was a vacation for them and a staycation for us. Exploring the trails on foot and bike as a couple beats any date night I can think of. So much for the midwest being flat :)

I'll draw the line at technical riding sans motor but Tim will enjoy every option. 

 So much for the midwest being flat :)
4 Peaks ! It's a famous trail run and one I will never do solo without a gpx file...because it wouldn't be hard to get a little more than turned around.
The water fall....I read that contrast baths are the number #1 way to promote soft tissue here is the perfect opportunity swim in the cool refreshing fall then lie on the sun bakes granite. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Issac does not yet see the benefits of such spa like self care and has elected to work on dynamic agility and flexibility.
It's not all day everyday that we are dirty and grubby. On Sunday mornings we clean up and attend church before hitting the park. 
Cindy was mistaken as my sister once and Annika and Isaac's mother on more than one occasion. In the photo above Cindy is demonstrating the 1950's "Mother's Helper" I took Valium and everything is ok approach to parenting. ...No really it was cool and the slide was warm. 
Annika says bottoms up. I don't know but maybe that photo is worth of a full page in the Christmas Calendar.
 4th of July in a small town is awesome! Every organization is represented in the parade.
Isaac looked on longingly while his sister had her moment in the spotlight. After 2 years of waiting on the sidelines Annika spent that parade alternating between throwing candy and doing back pull overs on the bar.
Annika is the author of some of the best one liners...."Mom. I don't care if I make it to the Olympics just as long as I make it to the 4th of July parade"
I told this to her coach who actually did make it to the Olympics in weight lifting.
A few crocodile sized tears errupted when her family came into view. The realization that she was out of candy to throw to us and the parade was over was a bit too much.
We enjoyed visiting a new favorite beach with Grandma Cindy. At the time only Annika could tolerate the cold water and make it to the buoy. 

All to soon it was the sad and mournful day when Grandma had to leave. ..Grandpa left after 1 week. Grandma had the endurance to stay for 3.

We did what we always do to drown our departure sorrows...drown them in donuts.
Long, long  faces when loved ones live far.


If summer was dinner restaurant ...I'd say we keep the menu simple serving wonder, joy, with a daily side of chaos. Chaos is a house specialty. This is why I am so far behind on posting blogs. As I try to upload photos and catch up another week has come and gone. It is Sunday evening. It is almost August. It is now dark and children are tucked into bed. Music flows from Tim's banjo and I ... I should be in straightening, cleaning or better yet in bed....but before I get lost in an attempt to catch up I'd like to share a piece of today. If it is Sunday and 80 degrees this is how we be living.
Cooling off in the Dead River Falls!
 Warming up on hot granite rocks!
Good thing I packed energy bars and a bikini bottom in my hydration pack when meeting my family at the water fall at the end of today's ride.  

I think I can survive the 1/2 mile home!