If summer was dinner restaurant ...I'd say we keep the menu simple serving wonder, joy, with a daily side of chaos. Chaos is a house specialty. This is why I am so far behind on posting blogs. As I try to upload photos and catch up another week has come and gone. It is Sunday evening. It is almost August. It is now dark and children are tucked into bed. Music flows from Tim's banjo and I ... I should be in straightening, cleaning or better yet in bed....but before I get lost in an attempt to catch up I'd like to share a piece of today. If it is Sunday and 80 degrees this is how we be living.
Cooling off in the Dead River Falls!
 Warming up on hot granite rocks!
Good thing I packed energy bars and a bikini bottom in my hydration pack when meeting my family at the water fall at the end of today's ride.  

I think I can survive the 1/2 mile home!

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