'Cago and the Big 03!

We all knew the Paw Patrol 40 th celebration would be a tough act to follow. We had to pull out the stops for Isaac's 3rd birthday celebration. Off to Chicago we went for all of Isaac's favorite things.
Choo -choo train! Isaac is thrilled. Annika on the other hand thinks the L train could smell a little fresher.

City sounds and smells were forgiven when Annika enjoyed Millenial Park, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Shedd Aquarium and of course the hotel pool.
Every where we went there was something to delight.
There is no better way to explore than on foot..or so I say. Annika might request an Uber.

Annika might request an Uber.

Traveling is tiring. We all agree Chicago has great eats.
Back home on Sunday another cake was made. Paw Patrol!

We might be a little tired come Monday but despite fatigue when it is your chance to wear the crown show up. Just show up. You won't regret it.
Thank you Isaac for bringing not only laughter and joy into our lives but fashion as well. Who needs a Gucci purse when you can sport Thomas the Train.

4/20 and the Big 40!

Spring break ended and it was back to the books. We celebrated family literacy night by displaying a diorama from a book we all loved. Brighty of the Grand Canyon. 
In Annika's world running from one rim to the other and back is perfectly normal. 

Spring break was over but the snow was not. 
Epic storms continued . 
And a few day of cancelled school were to follow. 
Snowmobile delight!
Thanks to a recent trip to California and Uncle Seth's connections in the "fashion" industry Mom got glammed up 1980's style or maybe 1990's style.  
Then it was time to Celebrate Tim's 40th birthday. 
It wasn't easy but Annika and Isaac worked hard to give "Ba Ba" the 40th birthday of his dreams. A Paw Patrol Party. 
We also celebrated by skiing ...because everybody skis on April 20h.

A Paw Patrol mask and plastic table cloth are can not be underrated in celebrating the big 40.

Happy Birthday "Ba Ba" Tim !

You are loved!!!!

Spring Break!

What could be better than cousins, California sun, and Grandparents! 
What better place than the beach? Three cheers for Gramps. At age 91, he will make the effort to find a parking place at the beach and endure  a lot of sun and sand to hang out with his Grandkids and Great Grandkids. We could all take a few notes from that act.
Playing with cousins at the beach is pretty magical.
I took a turn keeping an eye on all the kids while Tim and Seth body surfed. 

I got a lot of credit for not a lot of work! Sign me up to the watch kids at the beach any day. A little sand in the hair is nothing compared to tucking mittens into jackets and rescuing kids whose boots have fallen off in the snow.  
The trails in San Luis Obispo are awesome. I really do miss the canyons California...maybe not the mountain lions but I do miss the long sustained climbs for running and riding.

Even Tim enjoyed running the trails. This speaks volume because Tim is not known for enjoying running.
It was pretty spectacular to be a able to see Grandma and Grandpa's house from the trails across the canyons.
Pretty much this trip was spent at the beach, on the trails, and eating a lot of good food at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Tim tried to slack line at the beach.
He thinks it would be great ACL rehab. I think it would be better rehab. If you can master slackening you probably will be less likely to tear your ACL in the first place.
I tired too. I had a hard time getting beyond the one legged pistol squat required to get up on the slack line.  I reconnected with the trails and did a really long solo run..

It seemed really long at least. 11 miles isn't very far at 8 min/miles on the treadmill. Forget the minutes vs mile debate. How about we quantify in terms of canyons climbed and vertical feet gained and lost.
I did a lot of climbing and descending and enjoyed spectacular views and terrain.
Unfortunately, I did a little too good of job "reconnecting with the terrain." Perhaps I should work on the slack line to improve my agility.
That moment when your are falling towards the ground knowing you are going to hit the ground long before you stop moving. I opted not to treat my wounds trailside because I thought it might make me a little queazy. Thankfully I was only about 1.5 miles from finish at the time of my blunder. I carefully hightailed it down the mountain ( I call it a mountain at least) and back to my in-laws. I passed a few groups hiking up and got a few stares. I thought about telling them I had enncounter with a mountain lion. Given the pattern of blood dripping down my leg it would have been believable but I decided it wasn't fair to give mtn lions a bad wrap. I'm sure I was also quite a sight climbing the fence back into my in laws hard.
I'm pretty certain in the split second between realizing I was going to hit the ground and actually hitting the ground I uttered "Thank God". Thank God I am not wearing just a sports bra.  Would have been horrible. 
After that it was time to relax. We all need some recovery.

Ava and Isaac are 3 weeks apart. They were a hoot. I know Isaac really loves Ava because  he went out of his way to ensure Ava had Trader Joe's corn chips. Based on the "corn chip of kindness act" I am certain  I will be spending sometime explaining why you can't marry your cousin on a future visit.

Unfortunately Isaac did not behave as gentlemanly towards his older cousin Rachel. Treating her as he would his older sister. He was sure to throw sand.
Throw sand and run. Isaac's favorite things.
Flowers and family are a few of mine.


 We celebrated Easter with a community wide egg hunt.
 The Easter Bunny had his work cut out for him.
 He could have saved himself a challenge and challenged by the children by hiding white eggs.
 I'm certain an Easter egg hunt can't get much more epic than this.

 There is no such thing a bad weather. Only bad clothing

 Dying eggs is fun!

 Somehow the Easter Bunny made it. He delivered flip flops (for California) and ski boot bags for year around usage:)
 After church it was to the ski hill.

 Closing day is fast approaching.
 Not because of lack of snow.