2018 Summer Highlights!

Summer of 2018 was fast and full of fun!
And frequently full of messy adventures. 

But never you fear for this year I showed my inner genius by installing an outdoor shower. It may or may not have been a little hard to explain to contractors exactly why somebody who lives where it snows 6 months a year would want an outdoor shower. If I have to explain you obviously don't know me. It was indeed the best purchase/addition ever!

Chariot runs happened but in a slightly different capacity.  
Let's just say involuntary speed work on the downhills, rest interval on the up until one the the cyclists fatigues and hitches a ride in the chariot. The name of the fatigued cyclist shall be withheld. 
My kids sure do know how to coordinate their outfits with their favorite things. 

KTM truck ...you bring me smiles.

Camping happened. It was primitive. 

It was fun.
When you have a dump truck and corn chips what more could you need.

There was some dirt biking in blueberry fields.

And some berry picking.
Recommended reading..."Blueberries for Sal" . 

U.P Caviar
Recommended eating blueberry pie. 

Isaac's bike might be the love of his life.

Water bugs
Some more s'mores

Horse camp and riding lessons. It's a girls dream come true.

Playset  fun!

The Childrens Museum.

Beach bums.

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day in the same manner we celebrated Tim's 40th

 We broke in our new play structure.
 We went to the rodeo.Isaac might not be sure about a pink cowboy hat but we were asked to wear pink to support breast cancer awareness.

Rodeo hasn't been high on my list for places to go but the horse Annika rides at lessons was barrel racing and we were curious. Despite being a bit skeptical of spending an afternoon at the rodeo we all found it extremely entertaining.
 After the rodeo we made Isaac Tim the cake of Isaac's his dream.
 A dump truck cake.

Sometime "Mommying" is hard work...and sometimes it is not

What my birthday brings....

My birthday is May 23. Growing up in the Upper Pennisula my birthday coincided with certain things. The blooming of wildflowers (lily of the valley and  trilliums). The first harvest of rhubarb. The near end of the school year. Warmer...maybe even summer like weather.All things wonderful except ...blackflies.  Black flies are the uninvited guest to my birthday party. 

I'm not sure what to make of 41 candles. It would be overwhelming to try to blow out such a great many. So I chose to go with the 4&1 and enlist help.

I'm not sure that I look old in the above picture but I do look like I need a shower and I do look tired. Rather than reevaluating my life and saying somethings got to give I choose to believe that needing a shower and looking tired are signs that you are getting life right.

Spring is in full swing. Annika is rocking the soccer field..and even picking a few daisies
Frog catching skills are at an all time high.
Scavenging skills are in full effect as well...soon we won't have to pack snacks . We'll have blueberries, raspberries, and thimbleberries.

Sugarloaf "No stair challenge" is underway.
Even Isaac is summiting sans assistance.

Snacks are important. So are plaid shorts.
Riding bikes is a fun date .

or family date/circus activity.
I love riding bikes but apparently I most beautiful when running. 
Annika's wish came true. She lost a tooth at school  with only a few days left in the school year. 
Eating rice krispy treats with no front teeth may be challenging but like a true competitor she finds a way to manage. 
Speaking of sweets and treats....
We have a reverse Goldie Locks situation...a little girl got out of bed because somebody has been getting into the honey...
No, we don't have a large black lab...We have a Mama Bear and her name is Miss Honey.
Miss Honey likes our honey and has a cub. Annika named the cub Honey Bear. Annika tapped on the window just as Miss Honey reached her paw to the hives. She ran off but was successful in toppling the hives on another visit until an electrical fence was placed. Since the electric fence has been place Miss Honey has left the hives standing and stayed out of neighbors trash.
Project Airstream renovation is underway. We are half way there...the shell has been restored. According to Annika the shell was dingy but now is shiny and new. It's quite a process but my sports psychology reading has schooled me to believe it's all about the process. If you commit to a process the end result will be a good one. 

'Cago and the Big 03!

We all knew the Paw Patrol 40 th celebration would be a tough act to follow. We had to pull out the stops for Isaac's 3rd birthday celebration. Off to Chicago we went for all of Isaac's favorite things.
Choo -choo train! Isaac is thrilled. Annika on the other hand thinks the L train could smell a little fresher.

City sounds and smells were forgiven when Annika enjoyed Millenial Park, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Shedd Aquarium and of course the hotel pool.
Every where we went there was something to delight.
There is no better way to explore than on foot..or so I say. Annika might request an Uber.

Annika might request an Uber.

Traveling is tiring. We all agree Chicago has great eats.
Back home on Sunday another cake was made. Paw Patrol!

We might be a little tired come Monday but despite fatigue when it is your chance to wear the crown show up. Just show up. You won't regret it.
Thank you Isaac for bringing not only laughter and joy into our lives but fashion as well. Who needs a Gucci purse when you can sport Thomas the Train.