21 weeks and Torrey Pines

Friday April 29, 2011

At 21 weeks I am still enjoying running. A lot. I was a little worried though as I have been running a lot of flat concrete. If you ask me concrete is an unnecessary beating of the bones and what about using those different muscle groups going up and down. I love hills and trails, I just had been avoiding them because of the additional energy required and I have to be careful of my footing. For some reason, this week I felt confident I could maintain my footing and not go overkill on the heart rate. It's like I have more confidence in my running.Well, I guess I now have 20 weeks of peri- partum experience. 

Maybe, it's power of suggestion. Despite being "hemodynamically disabled and disadvantaged" in the first trimester, there is a slight increase in VO2 max during the second. Before you go hating on me for blood doping, pick up a  10 pound bag of flour or two and head out for run. That's pretty much the extra poundage I am carrying around. No complaints from me because the end result, a healthy child, will be totally worth lugging around the flour. Plus, this must count as resistance training.

Torrey Pines, Oh how I've missed you!

 I actually ran the trails yesterday after a work meeting a Scripps Green, normally I work in the less scenic neighborhood of Hillcrest.  I thought I must go back with my phone and take pictures. It's the perfect way to celebrate baby's 21 week birthday.

Attempt #1 at self portrait.

 I  really wanted to get a 21 week baby bump picture...and show off my new $10 run skirt. It actually has received a lot of compliments. Possibly it looks so bad it brings out others kindness so they compliment.  Possibly they really do think it's cute and are thinking of downing Krispy Cremes so they can borrow it. I will be glad to lend it to the next triathlete who becomes preggo.

Attempt #2: I am struggling a bit in the photo as either post swim chlorine or the wildflowers were making my nose run. I also had a clogged tear duct so it looked like I was crying. If not for the messy state I was in I would have nabbed a tourist to take the photo. I figured in my tearful and snotty state I might get the lecture on should you be doing this pregnant?

Number 3#: Almost gets the bump, totally misses the skirt. I'll keep practicing. 


In honor of my friends racing Wildflower this weekend:
 I take this photo and attempt to run up Torrey Pines. 

Mile 5 was up, up, up. I chose the road inside the park again today. I can't run it without stopping. Well, I could run it without stopping. If I had a gun to my head, but I didn't. Apparently pregnancy is making me a runner and a swimmer. I decided to treat the uphill mile like swimming 100's on base plus 10. I would run comfortably hard for about a minute or two then walk for 10 seconds. Repeat. I don't know exactly how long each interval was because I would just pick and object and run to it or beyond. This tactic worked pretty well if I do say so.

 I guess some people would say sticking to the flat is a better, more honest workout. Maybe, but I think this view trumps all and I must capitalize. I haven't picked out the BOB yet for baby, but I don't think one could go down the trails at Torrey, ecspeically all the steps. I figure I should get my time on the trails in now.

Don't get me wrong though. As much as I am enjoying running these days, it is definitely harder that running not pregnant. It's just different mentally now because it is something I don't want to loose versus something I view I should do to prepare for a race.Last summer I bike commuted a lot.  I rode my bike home from the grocery store with and without bags of flour in the basket. Guess what  without the flour it was a lot easier :) Climbing Torrey was not that easy but it wasn't unsafe as I was running with a water bottle, a phone, and gels if needed. Oh yeah, and I'd like to think common sense says I could take a rest on a park bench if needed. It was really satisfying. 

Intensely satisfying. 

It's back to work for the weekend.So that's a wrap for week 21 : 3 masters swims, 37 miles of running with two Torrey Pines runs, and 50 miles of biking. I cut back on the biking this week as Baby Girl's head is resting next to my right ileopsoas tendon  (not just my imagination but visible on ultrasound) and when I bend over to ride it pushes the tendon inflaming it. I'm not very tall, so I guess she doesn't have much other place for her head to rest.  I'll accommodate her positioning and focus on running and swimming. We all know I could use some extra time swimming. No sense aggravating the tendon and being out totally. It's funny I would have guessed I'd carry high and have difficulty breathing. Nope. I also assumed my back would kill me. Nope. My track record for guessing isn't too good.

Week 21 wasn't all about getting sweaty. Nope. It was time to clean up.

 I total girl fashion I went to a Royal Wedding party Friday night. I was a fabulous affair hosted by my friend Jess. We were supposed to wear tiaras but I didn't have one, so I wore sparkles on my dress. I must say the ceremony was very beautiful. Kate's dress was gorgeous, her sister's was "Rocking" and verdict was Kate must be a very nice and secure person to allow her sister such a "hot" dress.  As for the attendees.....the Brit's should consider using more Italian designers. Those hats, I am not even going to go there.


Easter weekend was fun. 

I really enjoyed the excitement.

and the activities.

The Neuschwander Family excludes nobody from the fun despite of age or gender. 

Don't worry Tim say bones heal stronger after breaking!

Seth, Val and Scott came into town Thursday night. Unfortunately I had to work until after 7:00 p.m. Fortunately the crock pot came through with a passable dinner. Thanks to my bake -athon the day prior there was even dessert. Dessert is a big deal in Casa Neuschwander.

Friday, I worked again:( Seth, Tim, and Scott enjoyed a run with Scott in the BOB to Mission Bay Park while Val checked out the fashion at Fashion Valley Mall. San Luis Obispo is beautiful but they don't have malls like Fashion Valley. Who does? They stopped at the famous kiddy park and played with Scott for an hour. This park is so awesome sometimes when I run by I want to do some flips off the bars. I'll refrain for the next few months. It think it's safe to say Scott had fun with Dad and Uncle.

It turned out to be an 8 miles run and with the stop at the playground some members of the run got a little bonky. Rumor has it Scott's goldfish crackers were pillaged.

Saturday Tim and Seth woke up at 5:00 a.m. to go surfing. I woke up too but I am not much of a surfer. Friday was a major stress fest for me, which is probably why I woke up ready to run at 5:00 a.m. I admit I don't deal with stress very well these days, and running really helps.

See Friday, I was in charge of the ICU and there were multiple codes. This means people died and we attempted to bring them back to life. Codes are hard in general, but I am a bit bigger than I used to be and in have to work in tight spaces. My brain does not work as well either. Did I mention driving with the e-brake on? I found myself bumping into things because my proprioception is off.

Also, I gave a few compressions and my scrub pants seriously almost fell down. Seriously, they were slipping and it was life death for somebody else. Plus, my hands were gloved and gooped up. It was not like I could grab them.  Sorry to the patient, but there was only one miracle awarded during that code. It was awarded to my ass. Thank you God, there is something good about this Friday.

The scrubs I own are unisex. My belly pushes the waist down around my hips. In the smallest size, I feel like I am going to split the crotch if I run for something or bend down to do perform a task like plug in the bed or inspect one of the 82 drains that could be hanging off the side of the bed. So you are thinking size up sweet heart? Hah, that's what I did.  I have some  hospital issued scrub in a small and let me tell you once they are below the waist, the hips do nothing to keep them up. Not even thunder thighs help. I guess it's time for some elastic waist parachute pants or suspenders ; )

The stress of my Friday didn't end there. I was notified of a major banking error on my part. I have this savings account with check writing privileges that apparently is very sophisticated.  More sophisticated than I, that's for sure. Any way, I wrote a check based on my knowledge of the total balance.  Long story short I actually have multiple funds within the account and have to shift money with in them to use the total. The fund I wrote the check off was insufficient. I didn't know this and swear I had more than the legal limit of adrenaline in my veins. I am surprised I didn't go into labor then.

So anyway that's why I sipping Pero waiting for the sun to come up instead of sleeping. I headed out for a run on the Mission Beach Boardwalk. It was really pretty, quiet and cool. I had a nice run. It was just what I needed, although there were no boys riding beach cruisers with droopy pants and sideways hats for me to drop. No they'd just be coming home from the bar at that hour.

My reward for getting my run in early.....the zoo. Bruce, Cindy, Val, Scott and I headed to the San Diego Zoo.

My reward for getting my run in early.....the zoo. Bruce, Cindy, Val, Scott and I headed to the San Diego Zoo. They say the zoo is a great place for a first date.

Scott thought so and had no trouble impressing the ladies. She was a little old for Scott. In her defense Scott at 17 months is very mature in behavior.

Especially in comparison to monkey, apes, and baboons we had just viewed. 

Plus, he is handsome and charming.

We made it out of the park by 12:15. We covered a lot that morning.

Thanks to Grandma and Pop Pop for taking us to the zoo. Good memories indeed.

We made it home just before 1:00 p.m. Perfect timing for Scott's nap and to get ready for the BBQ. Your probably thinking what kind of nut leaves her self 2.5 hours to prepare for a BBQ? Hah, a triathlete. It's just like transition.

Thanks to Cindy's hot buns  homemade hamburger buns, Tim's bbq'ing of the bison burgers and ribs, and Val's fruit salad, I really didn't have too much left to do. There were even a few minutes to relax before the Grazda Clan came (Uncle Tom, Aunt Robyn, Danielle, Hannah, and Breck).

Cousins are fun!

Easter Sunday again started with the boys surfing. I think they left before 5:00 a.m. After that it was church at 7:30 a.m. then brunch in Carlsbad at Oceans. This is a family tradition started by Tim's late grandparents who resided there. Yum!
After brunch, we all needed a nap.

 I fell asleep in the car on the way home. 

Once we got home it was time for Scott's nap and quite frankly everybody else's. Since I had already napped in the car, I headed out for a run. See if I'm not in motion, I am not only tired but my brain refuses to engage. I wanted to be fresh for the next event. 

The Easter Egg Hunt.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with family and just like Scott we were sorry to see the visit end.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with family and just like Scott we were sorry to see the visit end.
Thanks to Seth and Val for the pictures to make this blog complete. 

Today Was A Big Day

Today was Tim's birthday. It was also the "drum roll", the ultrasound referred to as the big one. The 20 week ultrasound where important things are examined such as the number of chambers the baby's heart has and the gender. If you want to know. I did. I really wanted to know more about my newest side kick and training partner. 

My appointment wasn't until 11:00 a.m. So I entertained myself with a masters swim and a run through the eucalyptus grove and to the top of Torrey Pines. The 20 week ultrasound requires a full bladder so I drank a whole bottle of water during the 5 mile run. Must say I was doing more of a dance than a run on the last mile, but it was worth it to catch a glimpse of the little one.  Managed to make it through the shower without exploding. Tim got to miss an hour of work for the appointment and we were held in great suspense as all the organs and body parts were examined. Finally the gender was revealed. 

It's a girl!

No wonder I have been so inspired to continue my pursuit of dropping boys and dreadfully admit I can't stop dancing and running to music for teenage girls: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Pink.  It must be the hormones. 

After that it was seriously time to get my bake on. Seriously! In addition to Tim's birthday we are looking forward to company this weekend and a family BBQ on Saturday of 11 people. Thursday and Friday will be 12 hour plus shifts in the ICU, so no time to waste. It was not one or two cakes made from scratch but three and a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Usually I spike baked goods with healthy things like Greek yogurt, flax, or to Tim's delight "squash". Since it was his birthday I changed it up and spiked the cake with espresso and the frosting with Kahlua. Of course this could just be a deterrent to keep me from eating it since babies aren't supposed to have caffeine or alcohol.

It could only be more organic and home made if I churned my own butter.

We topped the evening off with a spinny, spin, spin, around Fiesta Island. Baby girl was inspired to go for a swim just like mom. Unfortunately, she is now positioned about as low as can be and I couldn't really bend over. Might be time to trade in the aerodynamic time trial bike for the road bike.

Tales of Week 19

At week 19 I am happy to say I am still running. I think I appreciate running now more than before. Since my bike rides are less thrilling, running seems more exciting. No off road riding and minimal hill climbing and descending on the road. Plus no epic all day rides with the gang makes my cycling more of an exercise in shaking out the legs than anything else. I enjoy it no doubt, but running even more so. I think it's because I can daydream while I run. While biking I am always watching out for things. I'm having as much fun with sport and my changing body/life as I can. I even tried to make Stacy and Julie jealous of my new running attire. Yup, I bragged to them about the cutest pair of Zoot running shorts I got on clearance at the Road Runner store. Zoot running shorts for $10, certainly that's worth gaining a few pounds:) I told them they would never find their sizes left on sale. I'm sure they were so jealous they stopped at Krispy Creme and threw down a dozen donuts post ride. What I failed to mention is that the shorts seem to fall down below the baby bump once I start running. I had a few scares that they might fall off.  On the Mission Beach boardwalk low riding shorts fit right in.

I used to run areas that were more scarcely populated and hilly. It's 5K from my house to the top of Soledad. I would choose the most quiet and sleepy streets to run to the top. I haven't run to the top of Soledad since becoming aware of being pregnant. Hills just take too much cardiovascularly and I can't keep my heart rate low enough to actually keep running. I thought I would miss running to the top of Soledad more, instead I am just enjoy the space I am in. I look forward to running hills again in the future. Currently, I am running Mission Boulevard a lot. It's often very crowded in a way I used to find annoying. Now, I just find it entertaining. If I had one word to describe it, it would be vibrant. The ocean is so pretty and there are lots of people surfing and kiteboarding. It also supports my daydreaming habits. Since it is flat with no curbs for me to trip over, I can let my mind wonder a bit. The boardwalk is used by tons of young families with babies in joggers. They don't know it, but like a true cyclist checking out another cyclist'ss bike, I check out the stroller and take note. Good thing my Oakleys are mirrored so they don't see me checking out their strollers. Finding the right jogging stroller is a big deal to me :) Unfortunatly most of these people are walking. 

The Mission Beach Boardwalk also plays to one of my biggest fantasies: that I am fast, and I drop boys. Seriously, what could be better than the pregnant lady passing guys running or even better riding bikes.Just wait until you hear the plan I have when it gets hot in the summer. I bragged to Tim about this. He pointed out that they are beach cruisers not real bikes and the riders are probably burned out on drugs and alcohol. However, I think it's important to give these adult males, who are in the prime of their life and fitness, the benefit of the doubt and take sheer delight in dropping them.   Doing this while pregnant is a good way to bond with the baby because in a way I'm running for two and the baby is sort of my partner in crime.

Numbers don't lie, but maybe they can fib just a bit.  I am happy to say that I can comfortably run 9 miles at a relaxed easy pace on flat ground. Of course, I stop my watch while I take the pregnant lady's patented potty break. I did get my watch to fib just a bit. See I have it set on lap pace, or average pace of the current mile. After the watch turned 9 miles I ran down hill and stopped my watch. Hah! You almost thought I ran 9 miles at a 7:50 pace at 19 weeks. I really only ran 7:50 pace for 0.03 miles downhill. Well, I guess that's something I can keep dreaming about.

I read that month four is the best month for exercise during pregnancy. Some of the less fun things from trimester one are over and I'm not quite as huge as a house yet. I noticed this to be true and took full advantage of what they call the honeymoon of pregnancy. During the first trimester I had a lot of niggles where my abdominal muscles, tendons and ligaments attached. I think this was as they prepared to grow and stretch. This along with a slight feeling of breathlessness seemed like all I could think about while running and I was afraid I wouldn't being able to run very long into pregnancy. In case you are wondering I do NOT subscribe to the theory all pregnant women should keep their heart rates less than 140. Whoever made that up, put a damper on a lot of healthy young women's fun and mental release. To be quite honest I think he or she should be punished.  I do wear a heart rate monitor most of the time, but honestly it tears up my skin and my skin is now very sensitive. It tears if you look at it the wrong way. Plus I am already wearing two sport bras and the third elastic strap around me is about breaking my ribs. Oh what I wouldn't give to be an A cup.  My OB/GYN said it is safe to go by perceived efforts and common sense. I have a slight degree of baseline asthma and exercise induced asthma. I was worried it would be a problem during pregnancy but at the level I am working it is not. One day I was running with Julie and I thought I was having an expiratory wheezes but I think I accidentally wore three sports bras and my diaphragm got smushed. It's trial and error in a brave new world. 

Back to the safety of running and athletics, why I feel the need to justify this I don't know or don't want to go into. I also did my own homework and used the National Institute of Health's Pub Med website to look up a bunch of articles, studies, and abstracts on female athletes during pregnancy and found this to be well supported based on evidence. There were actually some wicked cool case studies. 

And for less good news. The scale is not as easily fooled as the Garmin. In fact, it can not be fooled at all.  

I am not one of those people who was nauseated, vomiting, had no appetite and lost 5 pounds during the first trimester Nope, I must have been the one who found the lost 5 pounds. I've always had a "healthy" appetite and the only time I was nauseated was after eating a small amount , say 100-300 calories of simple carbs. Oh....If only I had gone gluten free and low carb, I may have felt better. Physicians and pregnancy educators tout the benefits of exercise during pregnancy as a means of weight control. I think it's a ploy to trick sedentary people in to exercise because it really is good for you. Any way despite my semi  best efforts and bulking up my lunches with carrots, apple slices, and celery, the scale is going up. I'm not going to stress about it peripartum as I figure it's somewhat of a healthy sign. However, post par tum remind me of what Lance says:

Which One?

Next Wednesday is Tim's Birthday. It's also a special day for other reasons. It's the day of my 20 week ultrasound. I guess I should be politically correct and say our baby as Tim and I our pregnant. However, if you know Tim, Fat Cyclist Tim the beanpole, you'll know that he'll respond by telling you he is having a baby too and then insisting he has a food baby. Yes, there are times he should not be encouraged. I digress. It's the day we find out if we need this bike:
Or this bike:
However if baby, otherwise known as Baby N., the Little Swimmer, or Roo (as in the baby kangaroo in Winnie the Poo that would make me Kanga) cooperates as well at this ultrasound as the last one we'll have to play it safe and go with something more gender neutral. Like this bike:

See during the 12 week ultrasound the tech wanted the baby in a certain position to take some measurements. Hah, this little baby was not interested and spent 15 minutes bouncing up and down and doing flips instead of getting into the desired position. That was actually kind of a bonus, as I rather liked the gymnastics exhibition and got to come back for another ultrasound.

One might wonder why I am researching toddler bikes now when it will be a good while before the little one can ride. Well, once Tim sees these pictures he going to determine two things: a) the geometry of the bike is wrong and b) they are heavy in ratio to the rider weight. Then he's going to determine he could build a better one out of leftover external fixator parts. They are the carbon and titanium pieces used to hold bones in place when patients are too sick to go to the OR and have pins, rods, or plates placed on the outside. Silly me, thinking a toddler could ride an aluminum bike.  

Reading and Riding For Two

To start the new year I thought I'd turn a new leaf and take a page from this book. Maybe next year.

Turns out this year I'll be needing this book.

Yes, I had it all back in nursing school. However, it's been a long time. I was 20 then and that's the one class, OK maybe not the one class, I had trouble staying awake in. Plus, there was one topic Obstetrical Nursing did not cover back in the 90's. So I had to get this book.

What an awesome book! The Runner's World Guide To Running & Pregnancy shared lots of humorous and inspiring anecdotal information. I love entertaining anecdotes but I also was really reassured by the more scientific side of things. It referenced this book a lot.


Lucky for me I had already ordered this book. In fact, fellow blogger Mama Simmons, had recommended this book on her blog, so it was the first book I thought to order when the pee stick was positive. It is an amazing book. It really made me so proud of all the amazing adaptations the human body has. Warning though, unless you have a strong interest in exercise physiology or  hemodynamics you may find it dry. In that case you, the Runner's World Guide To Running & Pregnancy would suit. I found myself with a highlighter, voraciously highlighting all of the interesting things.  The hemodynamic changes that occur during each trimester and all of the specific adaptations the body to create a healthy baby really excite me. Of course, I was highlighting all the parts I thought Tim would want to read as well. However, he's a bone Doctor. They use tools from the garage and really only nerds like those in anestesia, medicine, and ICU nurses care about such things as systemic vascular resistance. Plus, he's up to his eyeballs in all these papers on how to make crooked bones straight and this book really only validates that the human body is really cool.

I had all these "Aha" moments thinking that is why that happened. For example, I specifically remember cursing my oat meal 20 miles into the Great Western Loop. Julie and Beth were my witnesses. Seriously, I was mentally Voodoo dolling Mr Quaker's face. Above my growling stomach I stated "My oatmeal has failed me. It has never failed me." I felt betrayed....probably the hormones. Good thing I always have a Bento box full of treats nutritional bars on my bike.Turns out, I was not very metabolically efficient that day. Instead of burning fat for energy, I was storing it for my baby. Metabolic inefficiency is sooooo first trimester though. I am way beyond that now. In fact, I'm half way through trimester 2.  Well sort of, metabolic efficiency is not great during pregnancy but it improves throughout.  

I was also perplexed by my inability to regulate my temperate mountain biking. I was always having to stop a take off or put on my jacket. I felt like I couldn't tolerate heat when I climbed, then I would freeze intolerably. Usually, I can just deal. Another "aha" moment. While overheating is a risk for the baby, especially in the first trimester. Once pregnant, the body does an extra good job of shunting blood to the periphery (think rosy red cheeks). It's an excellent means of cooling. If you see a pregnant woman running with a flushed face, spare her the lecture and the looks. If  your you are really, really a concerned citizen and want to ensure she is safe, perhaps you can offer her a rectal thermometer. That would be a means of checking a core temp, lecturing on flushed cheeks would not.   

I could go on &on & on &on &on & on about all of these accommodations and acclimation the body performs during pregnancy because I am totally fascinated. However, I read that non pregnant people don't really want to hear it all because it's your pregnancy. It just makes you sound self absorbed. I try to respect that. I really do try, but I think I might fail especially when I get on my bike and ride with the girls. You see when I start to pedal instead of generating power I generate words. Whatever is on my mind comes out of my mouth, often it bypasses the cerebral cortex. Despite that I have friends who ride with me. I'm a lucky girl. I think I am having a "Fit Pregnancy" in part due to them.

An example of why friends one trains with are true training partners:  They (J &S) do their recovery work with me and I train consistently so that I can keep up and enjoy their company on those days. I try my bestest to stay within in the proper heart rate zones and not slow them down too much. This is a lot easier to accomplish on flat ground. These days I am definitely a flat lander. I, the self proclaimed lover of hills, am just fine with that. I really enjoy conferring all my medical hunches with Stacy and picking Julie's brain during rides. Julie knew exactly what I needed and got me this book.

Absolutely hysterical and yet so true. It's anecdotal and so honest. It points out things such as the fairness of pregnancies. It encourages the women who are nauseated by explaining to them that women who are not are cursed with excessive gas. It also explains some things that may be hard to come to terms with. She does so very simply and bluntly like this: Unless you have the figure of a super model you are pregnant. You are going to look pregnant. Not just your stomach, but your arms, back, thighs, and butt will get pregnant too. So go buy some decent maternity clothes. You are going to fight this but give it up. Once you do, you'll start saying things about how cute  and comfortable your new clothes are and how you may wear them post - post partum. The author kindly offers to hunt you down and set you straight if you do this. 

 If you just want a good laugh and have no interest in pregnancy read this book. It's serious comic relief.

So that's my world and I look forward to blogging some more about pregnancy and my experiences soon. I realize a lot of people are not at all interested in hearing about someone else's pregnancy. It's good that most others blog aren't about experiences during pregnacny. However, I personally am appreciative of what other people have shared regarding pregnancy and am really excited about this time in my life so here goes.

Guys and Dolls, Cats and Dogs, Roadies and Triathletes

Today three ladies were riding bikes around the Island of Fiesta. We'll call them Julie, Stacy, and Jen. There was a fierce, fierce headwind. It was punishing and seemed to be in their faces 3/4 of the time. The three girls chose to ride side by side. No drafting, that would be like cheating. Remember the teacher saying sternly "eyes on your own paper." Each student felt hot and flushed with embarrassment even if he or she was not cheating.

The ladies, while working at a decent pace dropped a fair amount of watts as they went around the island. The ladies really are not that slow. Although, they sometimes say it. They are slow in comparison to say.....a Vespa. More importantly to them  than the average speed was the multitasking taking place. Training while talking. They probably could have solved the worlds problems if their own didn't seem more important. In usual fashion, they spent the ride getting anything and everything off their chests. It's what allows them to function and thrive in society. They don't always solve their problems but they make peace with a lot of things and after riding they are always in a better place.This is typical ride style for the ladies. Sometimes targeted workouts are done and there is no talking. Today was not one of those days.

Meanwhile, there were three men riding the island. They'll be defined as men, since they dropped the three women. Dammit all anyway. The men were riding all out in an organized formation. Chatting about life would have no place on that pace line. They would never ride side by side.  The average pace on the speedometer would read 2 mph slower, maybe 3. When they passed the girls they were in full on formation, rotating in their pace line. They ride like it's their job. Always. Maybe it is. They ride like they are getting ready for the Tour De France. Maybe they are. No, on second thought, they are not. They'd probably be disgusted to know that the non drafting ladies are discussing things like nutrition and blogs.

There is always a certain amount of embarrassment when they pass. It feels like being scolded. There seems to be a lot of this in cycling. I guess it's the mix of carbon and spandex. It can be a wee bit snotty. Why else would there be a blog spot Bike Snob NYC?  They are on road bikes riding in their perfect formation. The 3 girls are on tri bikes. Scoff....triathletes. Riding with no form, laughing and joking. Seriously, they could give the women on the show "The View" a run for their money.  The men have the upper hand as they are faster. Plus the choreographed rotation makes them look neater and cleaner than the "triathletes". Today  they commented that  we should hang out more to the right. Then they could have an easier time dropping us.

 One of the ladies commented back. I confess. It was me. I probably should have kept my mouth shut as they were probably right. They were smug though and smug pollutes. It's just as bad as smog.

I'm sure they were trying to execute a targeted workout, I respect that. However, it was a craptastic black sky day with howling winds. The craptastic weather gave me a sense of entitlement. Entitlement, was one of our discussions that morning. I felt the island was big enough for all who motivated to use it. After all how many times did we lap the guy wobbling around on his skateboard?

 As sponsored riders, which they were,  I felt they should be proponents of the sport. They should be encouraging of everyone riding on a miserable, windy, rainy, dark morning. I'll confess part of my comment back stemmed from the fact that I felt scolded and we got dropped.  I don't like getting dropped much but more so I don't like being scolded.  I hate being scolded. I made a comment back, sort of like my " Fat Cyclist" jersey implicates.  Too bad, I wasn't wearing that jersey (why is another story ) so my comment was modified slightly. The point was the same "Chill out, I'm just a fat guy trying to get a workout".   There was laughter as I did get one thumbs up so hopefully I wasn't to out of line or offensive. I hope I didn't embarrass my friends. I would have conferred with them to see if they agreed with my smug detector but there wasn't time. Perhaps it was just me and my smug radar is off. Maybe they detected no smug.  I, however, remember them scolding Stacy and I last week....and we were "far to the right. "

After that, we did move into a tighter formation, out of respect for the guys agenda. However, couldn't they once cut us a break and not scold us. After all, we are rehearsing for "The View". In case we loose our day jobs, we'd like to be prepared. Preparation is another one of our favorite topics.

I was thinking this was just a roadie vs triathlete thing. Maybe it's not. It's the difference between guys and gals. We might be exactly the same just a little bit different :) Guys pretend like they are faster than they are and in the Tour De France. Girls pretend like they really don't mind the guy whizz past, but can't stand it when the guys point it out. It's about ego's. We all like to do the dropping.  Nobody like being the dropped , ecspecially by somebody smug.

Think Spring

The skiing was great, but it's time to move this blog along. 

Happy Spring !