Which One?

Next Wednesday is Tim's Birthday. It's also a special day for other reasons. It's the day of my 20 week ultrasound. I guess I should be politically correct and say our baby as Tim and I our pregnant. However, if you know Tim, Fat Cyclist Tim the beanpole, you'll know that he'll respond by telling you he is having a baby too and then insisting he has a food baby. Yes, there are times he should not be encouraged. I digress. It's the day we find out if we need this bike:
Or this bike:
However if baby, otherwise known as Baby N., the Little Swimmer, or Roo (as in the baby kangaroo in Winnie the Poo that would make me Kanga) cooperates as well at this ultrasound as the last one we'll have to play it safe and go with something more gender neutral. Like this bike:

See during the 12 week ultrasound the tech wanted the baby in a certain position to take some measurements. Hah, this little baby was not interested and spent 15 minutes bouncing up and down and doing flips instead of getting into the desired position. That was actually kind of a bonus, as I rather liked the gymnastics exhibition and got to come back for another ultrasound.

One might wonder why I am researching toddler bikes now when it will be a good while before the little one can ride. Well, once Tim sees these pictures he going to determine two things: a) the geometry of the bike is wrong and b) they are heavy in ratio to the rider weight. Then he's going to determine he could build a better one out of leftover external fixator parts. They are the carbon and titanium pieces used to hold bones in place when patients are too sick to go to the OR and have pins, rods, or plates placed on the outside. Silly me, thinking a toddler could ride an aluminum bike.  


tim said...

we can call our baby gender-neutral names such as Chris or Mackenzie or Taylor.

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

@Tim...but I thought you wanted to name the baby Petunia Picklebottom so the baby's name could be embroidered on all his or her stuff?