Snapshots of fall

Can't say no weekend. Camping: Dad + kids. No Moms. No showers. No using the word no. Minimal redirection. 
First family pets . Below are the first family pets...not above. 
Welcome to your new home Token and Thumper. 
So much for letting the bunnies out in a portable cage to enjoy the grass. Thumper got out and played whack a mole with us hiding under the deck for the night. Thankfully, Grandpa Dan was in town and a late night rendezvous vous was made to the Tractor Supply store. First thing in the morning Thumper found herself in a live trap.  She has lived happily in captivity since.

 School is out at 2:30 p.m. leaving plenty of time for after school hikes.

 Nothing like checking out the view in the forest.
 I put my best effort into finding epic fall color. Every year is different. This year required a lot of patience in waiting and once it reached peak it was gone in an instant.
 We enjoyed it just the same. No bugs. Warm weather. Can't complain to much.
 Fall trip to the Hayes Corn Maze.
 Feeding goats.
 Finding pumpkins.
 Lassoing and riding deer.

 Good times.

Getting geared up to ride dirt bikes with Dad. 
Sometimes it's hard to be the little one. Life isn't fair.
 Don't worry little brother. I'll outgrow this gear in a year and you'll wear them next.
 I promise you'll get a turn and I'll teach you all I know.

 We'll be back soon.

 Getting ready for skating lessons.

 Post stroller run with Mom.... Isaac only wears short sleeves.
 Except when tricked into a matching jacket with "Baba" for a hockey game.

Fall color tour Marquette Mtn. Ride chair up. Race down a technical, trecharous trail at full speed for Annika.
 Playground fun to close out the evening.
Fall biking. 
 PB&J's at the Coop
 Library fun.
 YMCA Halloween party.
 Father Marquette Halloween party.
 Isaac was not a fan until he found the pudding.
 So many Halloween events. Isaac found tried a different costume out of the hand me down costume bin for each one....but Halloween and costumes just don't really suit him. Maybe next year.
 Annika loved it!

 This was Halloween morning Yup!
 Isaac was forcefully shoved in a snowsuit, boots, and his sisters pink mittens and sent outside despite  wanting to wear plaid shorts and no shirt and snuggle with blankets inside.
 Of note..Isaac now has Navy mittens.
 Trick or treating in the neighborhood.
 Too bad the snow didn't last.
 More hockey games.
 Entertaining themselves.
 Do we call animal control or child protective services?
 I'll just be upstairs having a glass of wine :)
 Where is Isaac?
 Shoulder season. Yeah for fat bikes.
 And open gym at Peak. Who says you can't stay in shape with kids.
 More hockey.
 Isaac post dome run with Mom. Eating Super hero muffins with beets ground up into them and not complaining. Score one Mom!!!

More of Annika on the ice.

 Watching hockey with Dad! Eating ice cream. AKA: king king.
 More skating.
 Dad's new truck to pull the airstream. Aka the "RUK"
 Thinning the forest and getting a crowded , scraggly Christmas tree. Aren't we environmental to balance out the gas gosling truck. Where is the snow? We want a white Christmas!
 We are ready to ski. Annika rocks the runs! Isaac cried because he isn't aloud to ride the chairlift at all and has to be assisted on the handle tow. Life as the little one. Paci is now left behind for ski hill adventures.
 Christmas Eve! Annika and Isaac wearing stylish outfits passed of from cousins!

Grandma and Grandpa in the house. Mom wears boots with a heels and edges Grandma Judy in height. Grandma Judi get the last laugh when it is noted she has fewer wrinkles than daughter 30 years her junior. 
Baba joins in the fun. He does wear shoes  and socks to Christmas even service.
Christmas Morning kids are ready!