How about some fall?

This fall was nothing short of awesome. I turned 4 and I started Pre K.
The weekend after my birthday I went to Mackinac Island. It's a great place! There are no cars. Only boats to get there and horses to pull carriages unless you are my Mom and the you are the horse power behind the cart.  Did I tell you? Mackinac Island is famous for fudge! Really, you can't beat that. 
My Dad had to work and couldn't join us. Saturday, Isaac an I hung at Grandma's while my Mom headed to Mackinac Island for the famous "Round Mackinac Island 8 mile race". I'm not sure why she was gone so long since she didn't even run for an hour but I'm guessing it has something to do approaching the 4 th decade of life  and honoring a proper warm up and cool down.
If I was my Mom I wouldn't be so smiley in that picture. My Mom told me that 20 years ago when she ran that race the age group winner got 1 pound of fudge along with their trophy. She did not win , nor even come close. Well ... turns out fudge is no longer part of the prize purse... and Mama Jen Jen is still all smiles because she "hit her pace" . Hmm...are those rose colored lenses she is wearing? 

Don't worry we went back the next day and got it right. 
We visited a fort high on a hill. Mom ran Isaac and I nap in the chariot since Isaac still naps and I played get out of bed and explore Grandma's house when I should have been sleeping for what felt like 17 hours to my Mom.
Once my batteries were recharged it was time do some exploring.
Free play. I love it!
This is not a tourist trap. It's an imagination stop.

The weekend was over all too soon  and it was time to head home and back to the grind. 
The grind? Wait a minute . Did I mention  this? I only go to school until 11:30 a.m. and Mother Nature forgot to put and end to summer. YOu'd think we were still living in California or something...
I didn't move back to California...But I was born there and I know a beach day when I see one. Judging by the above you think good old Mama Jen Jen will have her hands full next summer when Isaac will be on the "tear" all day long. 
 My parents celebrated their 7 year anniversary by riding the Marji Gesick. Grandma and Grandpa held down the fort while my parents rode their bikes before the son came up until after dark...long after dark. Well my Dad did, my Mom rode through breakfast and lunch then veered off course and pedaled home since she's pretty much Isaac's meal ticket. 

Finally, we had a few cooler days to coax the leaves into changing color. We started a new fall family tradition. On Friday nights we went to the ski hill and rode the chairlift up and hiked down.  

Finally, we had a few cooler days to coax the leaves into changing color. We started a new fall family tradition. On Friday nights we went to the ski hill and rode the chairlift up and hiked down.  
 Ahh..the view!
 Hiking down single track with a 4 year old is.....Never mind. Picture says 1,000 words
 Ask my Mom which is more adrenaline provoking? Racing down this trail on her bike or carrying Isaac in the ergo while I tugged her hand? Dad to the rescue.
 Hey I found a souvenir from last week's race. I picked it up. I'm such a good helper.
After that Mom and Dad were ready for a burrito and beer and Boarder Grill.
 We celebrated take a kid mountain biking day.

 I rocked the teeter toter
 And hit the ski hill for one more ride....This time I was successful in convincing my parents to download and ride the chair down.

The week before Halloween we headed back to Grandma's for another day of racing on Mackinac Island . This time the race was the Great Turtle Trail 1/2 marathon. This might be my Mom's favorite 1/2 marathon for many reasons. The hills, the views, the combination of roads and trails, and the always epic weather. This year brought rain and wind.
My Mom knew that 35 mph winds, wet trails, and lingering 2 finger diastasic would not equal a she focused on racing as hard as she could to place herself in position for a hot shower. Pictures explain a lot why my Mom's calf gets stuck in her skinny jeans leaving her to almost fall over removing them

She executed well, passed a horse drawn carriage, took 3 minutes off her time on the course from 2008. She did not run fast enough for a hot shower. Life has no guarantees..finishing 5/648 women seems like it should guarantee one a piping hot shower now doesn't it

Success in life has little to do with getting what you want and everything to do with having grit. Let's just say shaking Mama Jen Jen was 1/648 to find a hot sauna at Mission Point resort. If you have any questions about my Mom's training regime. See pictures below.

Please don't confuse the above photos/efforts with "bouncing back" from pregnancy. When it comes to those passion about sport. I don't think anybody rearing children it is a work in progress always  act of love. Love can be defined as the refusal to give up. 
 Halloween was next on the agenda. I love lions. When I grow up, I want to be an animal doctor. Isaac is going to be my PA. I'm already planning to command multiple OR rooms at a time. Things discussed at the dinner table in our house.
Well that pretty much rounds out Isaac's first 6 months
 A little long winded but it would be silly to leave anything out.
 Speaking of leaves!