Pitter Patter Productions Presents....

 So Valentine's may have come an gone, but not gone or forgotten are some fabulous pink rain boots, matching aprons and
 And... And.... And... most importantly left over marshmallows. Turns out homemade marshmallows are good for 3 weeks and great for hot chocci. Yes, I did, wear my Valentine's apron to story hour.
Ahhh. Hot chocci, it warms the heart.

Anyway not that the holiday is over I've had a little time to focus on some projects. We all know that the real reason to be in LA is to make it into show business. I decided to skip the casting calls and commercials and go straight into starring in and producing my own films. The name of my film company will be Pitter Patter Productions. You heard it here first and you can say I knew her when all she had was a blog ok so now I have the use of a blog and I movie but whose counting.

Valentine's Day Love!

Since Valentine's day is all about love let me share with you a few things I love!
 Da Da!
 Homemade dessert!
Some more S'mores please!

 Bikes. Books. Balloons. And of course...my car!
 This is only my second favorite library.
The park on a sunny day!
Making movies.

The play train!

Well folks I am moving up in the world. I've graduated from the Ergo carrier to the front of the cart during our monthly-ish trips to Costco. Although this makes it much harder for me to potentially reach out a knock over an entire display of merchandise it is such a better set up for the free sample. On a side note I still fit in the Ergo just fine but cart sitting is one of my earned priviledges.
 Just to clarify. In case any of you readers out there follow the Lama Lama books. I am a great shopper and a big helper.  I do not throw things out of the cart like Lama Lama does in Lama Lama Mad at Mama. I am always happy to spend time in Costco, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or Home Depot. To my Mother's chagrin Lu Lu lemon not so much. I'm a Daddy's girl what can I say?

 So the question/statement I hear around town Santa Monica is a small town for those under 3 is I see you running all the time, you must be training for something. My Mom knows how to use her words so she does the talking and says "Yes, I'm going to run the LA marathon in March".  If only I had all my words I would reply with what I believe to be the real truth. Yes, my stroller is like a train in it's fact just like the ones in Switzerland. The line I am on is called the play train. Sometimes my Mom shouts stroller express to Reed park as we run. She's trying to teach me to say "Up Tempo" . Anyway, it's very reliable, pleasant, and has options to stop at wonderful places. Santa Monica is so set up with great  (and free) children's activities and parks scattered all over town. Pools, parks, picnics, and playgrounds just for me!!!! Parking is crap though and don't be fooled these activities are funded by parking tickets. 
My Mom might indeed have the heart of an 8 year old because I hear a lot of Mom's tell their children upon leaving story hour "stay awake for the walk home so you can take your nap when you get home otherwise my day will be ruined." My Mom usually says something like go ahead and take a rest and when you wake up we'll be at another fun place. Reed park or Douglas today? Don't think I won't hold her to it. If she dares run past the Annenberg on a sunny day and I am awake we are soooo stopping! Marathon geeks are probably tsk tsking about why you shouldn't stop during your training runs but we are having an absolute blast rolling this way and when has happiness never slowed anybody down. You probably think I just made that statement up. In fact I did. What  you got a problem with an elapsed time of 7 hours for a 3 hr run.??? Well at least we finished on a high note.

 Getting the long training run in mid week free us up for some weekend fun. If my Dad is off of work we sometimes go to Malibu and my parents take  turns riding Malibu Backbone and hanging out at the beach with me. If they can both ride fast enough than we can all play together at the beach at the end. I love, love, love running in the sand!
 In the early evening I enjoy hanging out with my neighbor Luke! We are so going to bust through that gate before my time in SAMO is up.

After I turn in for the evening. I'm a 6:00 am-6:30 pm kind of girl my Mom is free to get creative in the kitchen. Her latest attempt is home brewed kombucha. I'm told it is  healthy and very tasty. fruit juice and soda are so last season at best and diet soda has a bad wrap.  

I'm so glad it turned out so well. My parents weren't sure  how it would fair but anyway
it sells at Whole Foods for $3.00-$3.75/bottle and I have a genius idea. Rather than selling lemonade stand I going for the trendier and healthier kombucha stand. I can set up outside of  the Whole Foods where the dogs and cats for the pet adoption are every weekend and right across from the yoga studio Between all the foot traffic and my innocent little face and undercutting Whole Foods price who will resist. I bet I can fund my college tuition that way and imagine the entrance essay I can write explaining my business sense and the process and  history of making  kombucha. Now if only my parents would stop drinking up all the product.