Honeymoon Countdown

It dawned on me for a little girl who loved to play with dolls I grew up to love the most gear intense sports. The more equipment required the more I seem to like it. I tend to like sports that require finely tuned equipment....then I use and abuse the equipment so much I can't keep up with keeping it tuned. Yet I still want it tuned perfectly. I told a colleague Tim and I were going to Switzerland on our honeymoon. Her exact words were "I hope you don't die of boredom looking at those mountains all day long." Some how I do not think that will be the case at all. If I die of anything it will be rhabdomyalsis from using my muscles so intensely followed by sitting still on the plane home. This phenomenon is similar to what happens to patients of ours when they get all hopped up on Lord knows what followed by passing out for a few days in Balboa Park...Actually those patients don't usually die. They usually just get lots of IV fluids and sometimes dialysis. Meanwhile they go through DT's and then some nice nurse gives them lots of drugs to help he or she "simmer down". Don't worry that won't happen to me either.

By this time next Sunday Tim and I will be skiing the slopes of the Swiss Alps
I'm pretty young to get to have such a great life ....Iron man Finishes, ski trips. Where I am from the culture promotes saving travel, adventure, and leisure until retirement. After the last 10 years of gainful post collegiate employment I am convinced that my 401K might be "made off" with. Beyond that I am quite convinced that lugging such things as bikes and skis through airports and on trains won't be nearly as fun when I am 70. Although by age 70 my swimmers arms will finally be developed so lugging my equipment shouldn't be a problem. Speaking of getting old. Tim and I have discussed our roles. My observation is that there are too kinds...the pleasantly confused and the crotchety. We have already identified that he will be the grumpy one and I will be the pleasantly confused one. ....Wait a minute I said when we get old.