Let's Have A Party

 So I turned 4. September 10. Yup, I know. Time flies. Where exactly did it go?

 Like my dress? Hope so. Not long ago it was a skirt. My crib skirt. Grandma Judi made it.The skirt and the dress.
 Isn't it so "Gone With The Wind" repurpose a bed skirt.
 For my 4th Birthday I had a party with 4 friends
 and about 4 thems

 Dad and Isaac were the only boys allowed
 Mama Jen Jen and I made the cake and cupcakes. Mmm they were good.
 The best gift was my bee keeping suit. More on that later.

 Birthdays take the cake!

 Isaac didn't get any cake. Poor, poor fellow.
Don't forget to smash the piƱata 

2015 Summer Memories

So this blog has been a little sleepy as of late.
But it's not because we have been sleepy .
We had a great summer filled with lots of sun, parties for good reasons, parties for made up reasons and party for no reason.

Isaac (aka Isaac -key Bisaac-key)has been a great sport about it all and a key player.
He just follows my lead and rolls with things. 

Although the helping in the kitchen is off limits for Mr. Isaac
That's me at the duck pond..feeding ducks and wearing my fleece lined Crocs and long sleeve corduroy dress on an 85 degree and humid day.

I learned to fly a kite this spring/summer with my Dad
I enjoyed the best beach birthday party ever. (ok..soooo I never met those kids before this day at the beach but they let me join in the fun and gave me the biggest slice of cake ever and when it came time to opening gifts I ran to the car and retrieved a box of Tinkerbell band aids to give to the birthday girl. Crashing a party is one thing...not bringing a gift is another)

I visited the Chicago zoo. It was the my 3rd trip to Chicago in my 3 years of living.
Finally I was old enough to really enjoy the city.
The way we traveled is a blog in itself...Let's just say celebrity -ish...but I'll refrain from bragging.

Isaac was happy to log consistent running miles.
Just like my Mom does.
I'm like my Dad and find stroller running a little boring. It's an activity reserve for when I am exhausted from everything else
I still love lions. I think I may be a lion again for Halloween

I'm learning to play guitar. My Dad and I have jam sessions
My hair is growing long..Isaac and my Dad have the same hair cut.
 I love hiking to the waterfall...You think this picture is in Hawaii but it is minutes from my back yard

Isaac is a happy fellow. He loves to laugh.
 I can do sooo much more on the playground/at parks than years past
 Perseverance isn't a word I would necessarily use to describe my Mom's character in sport
 Ummm Mama Jen Jen...You don't quite fit so give it up find an alternative line.
 We would say that my Mom shows perserverence in the kitchen

My parents subscribed to CSA produce from a local farm. My Mom bought a pesto share (and a salsa share, and, and, and) Any way did I say my Mom has perseverance in the kitchen or perseverates. What mother of two small children takes on making a mother load of pesto? Let us not forget how much time and mess that project took. 
 But summer produce is a gift and gone too soon.
 Morning light at the Ore Dock. Lake Superior is special.

I went to my first fair this summer

I loved it!
I made a new friend this summer.  We had 1/2 birthday parties, tea parties, pool parties, and dance parties. pretending to be Anna and Elsa was high on our list.
Isaac earned a nice view during his tummy time efforts
Views of Lake Superior can't be beat
Let us not forget Little Presque. The beauty and the entertainment

Yes.. a cat at the beach with an owner who insisted on teaching it to swim 

Closing out the summer with the Marquette Marathon.. or in my Mom's case the half.