Christmas to Close 2015

 Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. This year I did the most important job of putting Angel on top of the tree.

 I really like all the gatherings with caroling, cookies, and velvety dresses.
 I had my first hair cut to make sure I was properly slammed up for the festivities.

It was a delightful experience. 
Inspired by such an event and the seeing my Mom wear something other than bug spray or sunscreen I  rifled through her purse  and found some lipstick really got into the spirit. 
Of note...My Mom is at most times found wearing running clothes or warm ups over running clothes, if not wearing bike clothing. On the rare occasion she is not wearing such attire paired with zinc sunscreen, bugspray, or rungs of post workout salt it can cause confusion. I myself refer to her application of mascara as "having on eyelashes", Once after blow drying her hair and wearing it down with a dress she was suspected of wearing a wig. When a bridesmaid in Miss Stacy's wedding my Mom had her hair and make up done, mutual friends thought my Mom had not shown up to the event and couldn't figure out who was that girl standing in for Jen. This also brings to light another one of the hardest moments of parenting.... seeking and needing absolution for the sins of your youth. This is an absolution no adult can ever get ....So sorry Mrs, Garcia for making all those potions out of your make up and bath products.  

Moving on ...It was time to load up the wagon and pick up our holiday share from the farmers market.

 It was a heavy load but not much of a U.P. Christmas. Bring on the snow please

Back at home I got to work creating the feast. 
 This is a 4th generation bowl by the way.
 Isaac wants to try his hand at things but we'd like to keep the bowl around for generation #5
 At school we celebrated the birth of Jesus
 I think we Pre K kids melted some hearts. We were on the news. I was asked what the best part of being an angel was. My answer ...."Wings!"
 At home we built a gingerbread house. It was quite an event.
 And a family affair...Dad had to lend some structural support

 and get out the skewers

 After many hours, days, and attempts the job was complete and we got to eat it.
 I enjoyed singing Christmas carols. Isaac doesn't speak yet so he taught himself to play the piano. He will do anything to be included.

 I got an awesome new bike helmet for Christmas. Complete with a Tiara.
 My Mom and I got new cross country skis for Xmas.
 This picture is sort of special to my Mom. It's got that ghost of Christmas past, Christas present, and Christmas future.

Christmas dinner was a big hit
Someday we will class things up with linen napkin and place mats...Until then our custom place mats will do.

 Stories before bedtime to end the day.
And memories to last us throughout the years.

Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving we were thankful for a trip to California to see my Grandparent and cousins.

It's been a while since my last visit but "toes in the ocean" isn't something I will ever forget.
It was Isaac's first trip to California and to meet his west coast family
Rachel and I are just better than Disney princess sisters...we are cousins!
Cousins have a special bond....and so do Grandma's

My Mom ran and my Dad surfed.  It must have seemed a bit like the old days when this blog was updated a whole lot more often with unedited streams of consciousness
California...despite your rule and restriction, over crowding, flooding, fires  and earthquakes.....You have a special place in my heart. One can't help but think of the wildly popular Adele song I hear my Mom karaoke-ing from the treadmill

It's me.
Can you hear me
I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be
When we were younger and wrinkle free ....
So thankful for a week of amazing memories with family and pictures that capture it all.