No wonder why there is such a thing as Octoberfest. Thus far, and I still have another day, October has been like a festival of fun. First off the weather has been spectacular. I swear this picture is not from August. I swear!

This October I joined a music class.
 Well some may define it as music class.
 I define it as music and dance. Twist and shout!
Thank you very much.

I still love to swim and am learning to make my needs known despite being a "nonverbal child."
This morning my Mom was silly enough to be washing dishes without wearing goggles. Can you believe it? 
I brought her mine and  resorted to waving them and hollering
until she finally got the idea. A few times she tried to take them
off but I kept her in line.
This weekend I visited my cousins in San Luis Obispo
. What a beautiful place!
It was a great weekend. Most importantly I was aloud to stay up late, skip a nap or two, and eat chocolate cake and french fries 
we celebrated my Grandma's birthday. We went on a hayride
 and to the pumpkin patch. I went swimming with my cousin
 Scott while my Mom, Dad and Uncle Seth went mountain
There are plenty of other great family photos to be shared but
 for some reason Annika Ruth! she has been reluctant to
access her phone/camera. Hopefully she can bum a few
shots for a more complete photo documentation.

 Be sure to check back soon because Halloween is bound to be a hair raising experience


Racing Rainbows

I'm not going to go through life with my head in the sand.
I'm going to reach for the stars, follow my dreams, and race after rainbows.
It was a usual day of beach play, the pool, running, reading and toddler style rearranging .
There were the usual sights the lighting was different. Storm clouds were on the horizon.
It reminded me that everyday is different, special, and worth appreciating.
I'm not sure if it is possible to stop time for a second or two.
I am guessing a photo is my best shot.

On my way back from the beach I spent the entire time chasing after a rainbow. It's not everyday do you get that opportunity. When I finally arrived in full view there was not one but two rainbows.

Still Signs of Summer

 I admit my last blog was about Fall.
Call me a fair weather friend ...but when in Rome do as a Roman
When in view of Malibu do as Malibu Barbie and hit the beach.
Don't worry I'm not just lounging at the beach. I'm making music. I bet this is how the Beach Boys got their start. This weeks concert on the pier featured String Project LA. There was a 9 year old. She had really cool silver boots and she played a solo on her violin by U2. How do you beat that? If I had a twitter account, I would tweet that it was rad, she was rad.
I'm also learning how to eat "like a lady". Apparently, all the Moms and Nannies in Southern California got a memo regarding lunch stating: Don't try this at home . A picnic lunch is so the thing to do. See how well I am doing? Please don't feel the need to mention that my cup is leashed to my high chair,  my bowl is suctioned to the table and in lieu of a plate I am have a disposable adhesive place mat. Thank goodness Amazon sends these items in such discreet boxes.
Speaking of leashes....this is my new puppy. I can wear him as a backpack and my Mom or Dad can hold his tail while I run ahead. Why would I need this you ask? Have you met my parents? The apple never fall far from the tree. Based on the mountain bike videos I have seen we'll need it. Why is puppy on the fire hydrant? It's my Mom fault really. We were on a long running expedition, hitting up the best parks in town and she forgot to clip him into the stroller. I fell asleep and puppy fell out. It required 4 extra miles of running to find puppy. My Mom was afraid I would wake up and be sad so she had to belt out those 4 miles like her feet were on fire. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the upstanding citizen North of Montana avenue who rescued my puppy. In case you didn't know I am an animal lover.
We rescued this Costco sized lion from the Costco zoo last week. My parents say it is the most entertainment $12.99 has ever provided. Do you think we should adopt the matching elephant and giraffe too? Because there is so much room in our one bedroom apartment.

Speaking of the upstanding citizens North of Montana avenue, when it comes to Halloween you certainly don't mess around. I think I know where I will go trick or treating.

Color Me Fall!

Hello ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, dogs and cats. As you all know I am 12.5 months now and I have been complacent thinking that I arrived just in time for all the major holidays last year. I celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas....but I  forgot to celebrate the season of fall. I didn't see any color. Ok,  so maybe my vision wasn't even developed, but that is completely besides the point.
This year I was not going to miss the fall color. You say the leaves don't turn in LA. Well off to LAX then. I got me some tickets and I boarded a plane.
 There was a brief layover in Chicago where I got my walk on. In case your wondering if I was to wear my Mom's Garmin I totally would clock 6 min/miles.And yes...I'm wearing a bib.
I ditched my parents in Marquette and headed to G &G's house for some R&R.
Red and riled up fall color.
Seriously! Can you believe this color?
Color me pink! Color me fall!
Nature...it's so beautiful just the way it is.
Good thing life is not all black and white. We'd miss some things completely.