No wonder why there is such a thing as Octoberfest. Thus far, and I still have another day, October has been like a festival of fun. First off the weather has been spectacular. I swear this picture is not from August. I swear!

This October I joined a music class.
 Well some may define it as music class.
 I define it as music and dance. Twist and shout!
Thank you very much.

I still love to swim and am learning to make my needs known despite being a "nonverbal child."
This morning my Mom was silly enough to be washing dishes without wearing goggles. Can you believe it? 
I brought her mine and  resorted to waving them and hollering
until she finally got the idea. A few times she tried to take them
off but I kept her in line.
This weekend I visited my cousins in San Luis Obispo
. What a beautiful place!
It was a great weekend. Most importantly I was aloud to stay up late, skip a nap or two, and eat chocolate cake and french fries 
we celebrated my Grandma's birthday. We went on a hayride
 and to the pumpkin patch. I went swimming with my cousin
 Scott while my Mom, Dad and Uncle Seth went mountain
There are plenty of other great family photos to be shared but
 for some reason Annika Ruth! she has been reluctant to
access her phone/camera. Hopefully she can bum a few
shots for a more complete photo documentation.

 Be sure to check back soon because Halloween is bound to be a hair raising experience


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