Color Me Fall!

Hello ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, dogs and cats. As you all know I am 12.5 months now and I have been complacent thinking that I arrived just in time for all the major holidays last year. I celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas....but I  forgot to celebrate the season of fall. I didn't see any color. Ok,  so maybe my vision wasn't even developed, but that is completely besides the point.
This year I was not going to miss the fall color. You say the leaves don't turn in LA. Well off to LAX then. I got me some tickets and I boarded a plane.
 There was a brief layover in Chicago where I got my walk on. In case your wondering if I was to wear my Mom's Garmin I totally would clock 6 min/miles.And yes...I'm wearing a bib.
I ditched my parents in Marquette and headed to G &G's house for some R&R.
Red and riled up fall color.
Seriously! Can you believe this color?
Color me pink! Color me fall!'s so beautiful just the way it is.
Good thing life is not all black and white. We'd miss some things completely.

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