Weekend Warrior!

Despite my permanent playcation it think weekends are great. I am a total weekend warrior.
Don't get me wrong I fully appreciate a good M-F. Weekends present special opportunities.Such as....
Learning to play the guitar on Santa Monica's pier.
I tuned my guitar up as best I could then let my Uncle Tom strum a few cords. 

After that was a nap and then I saw my first  Galaxy soccer game. Soccer is really cool.  I love to cheer for the goals and get this! The soccer ball is not black and white. It is a shiny metallic gold. I shrieked with glee the first time I saw it fly. It is absolutely fabulous. It's like the Roberto Cavalli of soccer balls. My Mom was less impressed with the blinged up ball and super impressed with the skill, athleticism, and agility of the players. Amazing.
 Sunday Funday consisted of a trip to the Annenberg community beach house. I was so confused as my Mom seemed to be running the wrong direction. We were passing all these mediocre playgrounds that bordered the beach that were private. They had signs that said "Please....Don't pass this point. This is a private club" . I wasn't too upset because as I mentioned before they were mediocre . Then we saw this really fancy place and I was thinking what lucky duck gets to hang out there when unexpectedly the stroller turned and stopped.
 Lucky me! This beachhouse is for everybody and anybody and it's free. Hip hip hooray!

Don't tell too many people though. I am only just learning how to share.

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