It's My Birthday

Well folks it's my birthday! I'm having a party! It's going to be big! 
 You are all invited!  I'm not buying any excuses for your absence because it is a virtual party. With a recent move leaving family and friends far away a virtual party was the way to go. This is it. I have one small request. Maybe it's a big one, but I believe in you.You can do it.
I want you to eat cake! It's my birthday. It's my party. It's my birthday wish!
I gave the first year of my life my very best effort.  
I was a little pea in a pod who couldn't even sit up or roll over.
And look what I accomplished!
My Mom says that not everyday is My special day. She says that everybody is special. However,  it might be another's special day. The right thing to do is to help make it a special day for them. Although since moving to the LA area I am sure when people roll their eyes at  me in  my stroller and then cut in front of us in line I swear I hear her thinking very sarcastically  "Please...what makes you so special?" My first birthday is not everyday. It is my special day.
 September 10th is my birthday and I need a little help making it special.  I'm giving you a week to eat a slice of cake. It can be vanilla, chocolate, gluten free, dairy free, upside down, or right side up. It can be in celebration of my first year or in celebration of the miracle of life in general. I'd love to hear all about it. I prefer you have it with frosting. If you have a dietary restriction forbidding you to eat  cake.... well then  go right ahead and wear it.

In case you are curious about the pictures, except for the swm shot which was taken at Murray Callen in Pacific Beach all photos were taken at Casually Candid by Angela Levy who is amazing with babies. There are about 40 more of these such photos but sorry Grandmas you'll have to wait until Christmas.


SSB said...

I walked into Safeway the other day and almost bought some carrot cake. I think it's been about a year since I've had any. I resisted. But if you insist... I'll have a slice tomorrow! Happy Birthday.

Jackie Trosper said...

Soooo cute! Happy birthday Annika! We miss your mama around here!

idropboys said...

we had gluten free brownies in your frosting but had added dried cherries, blueberries, almonds and dark chocholate chunks!

Happy Birthday Little One!