Happy Halloween

I don't remember that much about Halloween last year other than my costume was good. Not that I had a say in it at the time but having seen the pictures I approve.
I outgrew the cow costume for sure but never the less I decided to continue my animal theme. It's a sure way to remind my parents to take me to the zoo.
Halloween LA style is something to see. I really don't know where in this country you could top it.
 In Santa Monica, Montana avenue is the place to be for the Halloween hop. Both side of the street were filled with trick or treators and all the businesses give out candy. Clearly my Mom forgot that in LA you will never be overdressed and didn't wear a costume.
 After that was a walk through the neighborhood North of Montana Avenue. I think it is in the neighborhood by laws that property owners must go all out for Halloween.
 Look at the tandem bike! That will be my parents in 150 years.
Who wouldn't enjoy a haunted pirate ship.

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