Super Fan

Despite my tender young age I am passionate about a few things.
I take my work mixing water and sand very, very seriously. No! I am not at a topless beach in LA. I am at Reed Park. Playing at the park is something I am very passionate about.It was a nice day. Half the kids were playing in the sand and water with only a diaper and my Mom wasn't letting me get dirty wearing apparel from Janie and Jack! Duh!!!!!
Reading and running are things we take seriously. My Mom listens to books on tape while we run. That is when we are not blasting Raffi full volume from the I phone. Despite the blaring of "I like to eat, eat , eat apples and bananas", the rolling of our stroller,  and my Mom ringing her bell and verbalizing "on your left"  I'm still considered "non verbal" we often startle people who are walking multiple dogs  (think 4  or more ) on retractable leashes while talking on their cell phones. I don't know how anybody could miss us. I don't have much life experience but from what I gather walking multiple dogs on retractable leashes is a really bad idea. Anyway, I got off track. I like running and reading, but rather than listening to a book on tape, or reading a book on an I pad/Nook/Kindle I prefer to turn the pages. It's hard to beat a good page turner. I am very passionate about books.
It turns out I am also passionate about soccer. That's me cheering at the LA Galaxy game Sunday night. Mia Hamm may have to make room for me on the team. Usually you have to be 3 years old to join a soccer team but I have a plan. I noted David Beckham's number  (23) and as soon as I get my Mom's phone I am going to call him and ask if he can pull some strings so I can join a team now. What? You mean 23 isn't his phone number! Drats!
Wait a minute .....I'll appeal to my Dad he has a few connections.
Not even 14 months old and I'm rolling with an All Access pass. Looky here! I am wearing the pass not my Mom and read what is says.....Champions Live in LA. I live in LA. Put 2 and 2 together!

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Grandma Cindy said...

We are Super Fans of you and your parents. Keep having fun in Santa Monica.
Grandma Cindy