This Thanksgiving I am thankful for many, many, things. My list is long but at the top is reading books with my Dad. He makes great animal sounds and even taught me how to roar like a lion.
I am thankful to have a carton of milk to drink and some warm clothes and a place to sit and eat.
Should I ever become tired enough to sit and eat.
 I might be inspecting this table or I might be practicing my surfing or maybe both.
 I am thankful to play at the park. I am thankful others share with me even when I have nothing to give and I struggle to verbalize my gratitude.
 What? You thought LA was all Mercedes G wagons, oversized sunglasses , cosmetic surgery, and designer clothes.
 Where I hang out not so much! We aren't above a bit of physical labor. Shirt sleeves up, it's time to get digging.

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