Annika Ruth Reporting

Well folks, I have been asked to do a little guest reporting for Saturday's MLS cup game.  

Unlike when my Mom wrote race reports that put us all to sleep.I'll keep it short and sweet.
 Folks....It was FABULOUS.

 One of the most exciting days of my 14 months of life.

 I learned a lot watching and loved every minute. My Pop Pops came down for the game . It did not dissapoint.

Here's a bit of what I noted: To win a championship at a professional level it is all hands on deck. A bit of luck, a lot of skill, and a village of supporters. Watching David Beckham play was a treat I will never forget. All of the players in the league are amazing, but Beckham demonstrates a level above where my imagination dared to go. When I need to run fast I am going to conjure an image Beckham streaking up the field.

After the game was over the celebration began. The players and crew stormed the field and my Dad reached into the stands and brought me onto the field later my Mom and Grandpa  (Pop Pops) joined but at first it was just me. I guess I am a "kind of a big deal" 
At first I was a little timid but soon I realized I was welcome to join in the party. I saw some other kids playing soccer and I stole the ball and ran into the goal!!!!

 I'm really proud of my Dad for taking suck an interest in his work this year and making the most of the opportunity. I'm sure he's going to post the picture below on his office wall next year. No?
 Yes that's my Dad at the after party. For the record I was home sleeping in my crib thinking kids couldn't come. Later did I learn that the Beckham's kids were there for the early part of the evening. No fair Dad! I so could have come.

In case you are worrying my parents gave up on a their own athletic endeavors and content to watch from the sidelines the smile, and the dirt don't lie and for good measure neither does the watch ( especially when the times keep getting faster).

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