Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas....Part One.
Ho Ho Ho! What do you know? I got behind on my blogging. That is what! Merry Christmas to one and all. I sincerely hope your Christmas was special and honored the true meaning of Christmas. I don't remember much from Christmas past so I have to say I had the best Christmas ever. I love the music, the lights, the cool crisp air, stockings hung with care. Most of all I love celebrating with family and friends.

This year I started my celebration with friends. That's my buddy in the picture below. Don't we look like twins? Our parents like to have dinner together. During the meal preparation we work in tandem to decrease the overall efficiency of the parental units. High 5!

 True to tradition was the reading of Santa Mouse! Thank you Great Grandma Barbara for this delightful book. I'm sure you are smiling up there in heaven.

 We got cleaned up, dressed up, and sang Christmas carols in church. I love music. I love to sing and I love to dance. The photo below is evidence that I do clean up asking me to hold still for it was a bit too much.
We loaded up and headed north to San Luis Obispo for some fun with cousins. I love, love, love, my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Is there a more magical relationship for a child than that with the cousins? More on that in my next blog entry.
 I think it was the first time in a long time I actually rode in a car. Like others in my cohort I go to and fro, here and there, in my stroller. However, my Mom doesn't walk ....she runs and oh the places we go.  The illusive picture of me holding still.
Some say their children can't nap, get bored, or do not like the stroller...well wouldn't want to trade places with you perhaps they just don't have the right set up or the will that makes the way. How many ways can you say snuggly. As one fine Grandpa would say, I'm snug as a bug in a rug! It doesn't get too cold in Santa Monica too often but when it does we embrace it. Have you ever noticed how bright blue and sparkly the ocean is when the sun returns after the rain? Take a look and see. You won't be disappointed.
Next up were presents:
 Not to accuse my Mom of being a material girl in a material world...but I call a spade a spade my Mom's Christmas brought a bit of a wardrobe update starring some fine looking moisture wicking apparel courtesy of the Greats... and some skinny ankle length jeans  and trendy cycling attire courtesy of my Dad and I.
Recently my Mom and I read "Bringing Up Bebe." It contrasted French and American styles of child rearing. The take away I feel she should focus on is how good the European Mom's look at the playground. Guaranteed those women are not wearing droopy drawer jeans in severe need of hemming. She does not need to concern herself with the less important parts of the book, such as no throwing food, no snacking on Cheerios, no juice, the importance of greeting adults, and the enforcement of bedtime. Those points were just thrown in for fill. The important thing is looking good at the park.
This photo below is depicting my shock not me stuffing my lunch in my mouth. It's in regards to the photo above. I'm thinking about trends here.
 I can't help but think someday my Mom is going to look back at the above photo and wonder what exactly she was thinking when she donned her attire. Burnt orange on the booty.... corded......Jeggings! Mom!  History repeats itself. My understanding is that my Mother, my Uncle Pete, and my  Uncle Tom gave my Grandma Judi quite the razzing about her polyester pants. Her reply...they were popular at the time. 
You probably think I being awfully materialistic a blog entry given the reason for the season but my next blog entry has it covered. 
 I'm going to stick to picking out my own clothing. FYI: Needing assistance getting dressed does not mean one needs assistance choosing clothing. My Mom says this is not how she would have put my outfit together. It's hard for me to trust her in regards to fashion when she wears burnt orange jeggings. Thank you Auntie Val for this fine, fun stroller. I take it with me wherever I go. After months of stalking other toddlers at the park it is my pride and joy.

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