Round Up Your Reindeer

 Tis the time of year to round up your reindeer, wear your bells and celebrate the season.
I'm may not fully understand the reason for the season but I know how to celebrate good time with great folks. Friday night was the Montana Avenue Holiday Walk. Let's face it everybody who is anybody in LA was there including me. My Mom was really looking forward to the evening as all the shops on Montana were to serve hot chocolate and cider even Sweet Lady Jane was going to give  out treats although my Mom has been attempting to outdo Sweet Lady Jane in terms of making extraordinary desserts and there would be carolers on every corner. I'm sure there are pictures from this event posted in magazines such as US weekly but since we don't subscribe I have to write my own account. It all sounded perfect except it didn't start until 5:00 p.m.  I had a late play date with my Dad and pushed the afternoon nap way, way back. When 5:00 p.m. rolled around I was fast asleep. My Mom thought I was going to sleep through the whole event. She and my Dad decided to take turns going for a stroll on Montana.  My Mom headed out first and I am sure without me she had a lonely heavy heart. To her surprise, not long after she headed out, my Dad called and said we were on our way. Moments later I was on the corner of 15 & Montana wearing my Mrs. Santa dress accessorized with my Baby Ugg boots don't tell anybody they were hand me down boots  . In a casual chic style I wore my dress over my jeans. This is LA for I care enough to get dressed up for this event, but not enough to freeze my patootie off This is parent speak for it was the easiest way to wrestle a toddler into the outfit of choice. As far as my Mom was concerned about me missing the event.... Hello! Was she born yesterday? We have been in LA since the end of August. Anyone who is anybody arrives fashionably late to a function.  As if I would miss an event like that !
I'm not smiling in the above picture for fear it is paparazzi but soon I realized the photographers were friends of ours and I did quite the dance to "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree" , the corner of 12 and Montana was rocking! In our neighborhood. It is only acceptable to say Happy Holidays but on my blog I'm going to say Merry Christmas to one and all...ok and Happy Holidays to those who don't celebrate Xmas.

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