Rock The Red Rock

This weekend I rocked the red rock!
It was time for some excitement.
What ?
You think I'm going to just sleep the day away while my Mom checks Facebook?
Helk no Joe!
I threw my hands in the air like I just didn't care....

 and we hit the road!

We live on the west coast but this weekend was all about the wild west!
 I have been to these parts. This time it was double or nothing!

Wondering where my pants are and why I am running around rocks with a pacifier in my mouth? Here is your answer... that river you see, I am getting ready to muck around by it. I'm just about to ditch my shirt too, but for privacy sake I kept it on for the picture... The pacifier ....well it plugs plugs the hole I'd be placing all the treasures from the river (rocks, dirt, sticks) . What you don't read in Parenting Magazine.

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