Easter weekend was fun. 

I really enjoyed the excitement.

and the activities.

The Neuschwander Family excludes nobody from the fun despite of age or gender. 

Don't worry Tim say bones heal stronger after breaking!

Seth, Val and Scott came into town Thursday night. Unfortunately I had to work until after 7:00 p.m. Fortunately the crock pot came through with a passable dinner. Thanks to my bake -athon the day prior there was even dessert. Dessert is a big deal in Casa Neuschwander.

Friday, I worked again:( Seth, Tim, and Scott enjoyed a run with Scott in the BOB to Mission Bay Park while Val checked out the fashion at Fashion Valley Mall. San Luis Obispo is beautiful but they don't have malls like Fashion Valley. Who does? They stopped at the famous kiddy park and played with Scott for an hour. This park is so awesome sometimes when I run by I want to do some flips off the bars. I'll refrain for the next few months. It think it's safe to say Scott had fun with Dad and Uncle.

It turned out to be an 8 miles run and with the stop at the playground some members of the run got a little bonky. Rumor has it Scott's goldfish crackers were pillaged.

Saturday Tim and Seth woke up at 5:00 a.m. to go surfing. I woke up too but I am not much of a surfer. Friday was a major stress fest for me, which is probably why I woke up ready to run at 5:00 a.m. I admit I don't deal with stress very well these days, and running really helps.

See Friday, I was in charge of the ICU and there were multiple codes. This means people died and we attempted to bring them back to life. Codes are hard in general, but I am a bit bigger than I used to be and in have to work in tight spaces. My brain does not work as well either. Did I mention driving with the e-brake on? I found myself bumping into things because my proprioception is off.

Also, I gave a few compressions and my scrub pants seriously almost fell down. Seriously, they were slipping and it was life death for somebody else. Plus, my hands were gloved and gooped up. It was not like I could grab them.  Sorry to the patient, but there was only one miracle awarded during that code. It was awarded to my ass. Thank you God, there is something good about this Friday.

The scrubs I own are unisex. My belly pushes the waist down around my hips. In the smallest size, I feel like I am going to split the crotch if I run for something or bend down to do perform a task like plug in the bed or inspect one of the 82 drains that could be hanging off the side of the bed. So you are thinking size up sweet heart? Hah, that's what I did.  I have some  hospital issued scrub in a small and let me tell you once they are below the waist, the hips do nothing to keep them up. Not even thunder thighs help. I guess it's time for some elastic waist parachute pants or suspenders ; )

The stress of my Friday didn't end there. I was notified of a major banking error on my part. I have this savings account with check writing privileges that apparently is very sophisticated.  More sophisticated than I, that's for sure. Any way, I wrote a check based on my knowledge of the total balance.  Long story short I actually have multiple funds within the account and have to shift money with in them to use the total. The fund I wrote the check off was insufficient. I didn't know this and swear I had more than the legal limit of adrenaline in my veins. I am surprised I didn't go into labor then.

So anyway that's why I sipping Pero waiting for the sun to come up instead of sleeping. I headed out for a run on the Mission Beach Boardwalk. It was really pretty, quiet and cool. I had a nice run. It was just what I needed, although there were no boys riding beach cruisers with droopy pants and sideways hats for me to drop. No they'd just be coming home from the bar at that hour.

My reward for getting my run in early.....the zoo. Bruce, Cindy, Val, Scott and I headed to the San Diego Zoo.

My reward for getting my run in early.....the zoo. Bruce, Cindy, Val, Scott and I headed to the San Diego Zoo. They say the zoo is a great place for a first date.

Scott thought so and had no trouble impressing the ladies. She was a little old for Scott. In her defense Scott at 17 months is very mature in behavior.

Especially in comparison to monkey, apes, and baboons we had just viewed. 

Plus, he is handsome and charming.

We made it out of the park by 12:15. We covered a lot that morning.

Thanks to Grandma and Pop Pop for taking us to the zoo. Good memories indeed.

We made it home just before 1:00 p.m. Perfect timing for Scott's nap and to get ready for the BBQ. Your probably thinking what kind of nut leaves her self 2.5 hours to prepare for a BBQ? Hah, a triathlete. It's just like transition.

Thanks to Cindy's hot buns  homemade hamburger buns, Tim's bbq'ing of the bison burgers and ribs, and Val's fruit salad, I really didn't have too much left to do. There were even a few minutes to relax before the Grazda Clan came (Uncle Tom, Aunt Robyn, Danielle, Hannah, and Breck).

Cousins are fun!

Easter Sunday again started with the boys surfing. I think they left before 5:00 a.m. After that it was church at 7:30 a.m. then brunch in Carlsbad at Oceans. This is a family tradition started by Tim's late grandparents who resided there. Yum!
After brunch, we all needed a nap.

 I fell asleep in the car on the way home. 

Once we got home it was time for Scott's nap and quite frankly everybody else's. Since I had already napped in the car, I headed out for a run. See if I'm not in motion, I am not only tired but my brain refuses to engage. I wanted to be fresh for the next event. 

The Easter Egg Hunt.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with family and just like Scott we were sorry to see the visit end.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with family and just like Scott we were sorry to see the visit end.
Thanks to Seth and Val for the pictures to make this blog complete. 


beth said...

1) excellent use of one of my favorite words, "pillaged"
2) wow, the life/death situations you are in daily are very real. no one minds a little bare ass when you're savin lives
3) i hereby request pregnancy photos of you along the way.thank me later.

tim said...

good job on the bbq! we had a great time with the fam

Cindy said...

I agree with Tim. It was a fun family time. Thanks for hosting all us relatives.