21 weeks and Torrey Pines

Friday April 29, 2011

At 21 weeks I am still enjoying running. A lot. I was a little worried though as I have been running a lot of flat concrete. If you ask me concrete is an unnecessary beating of the bones and what about using those different muscle groups going up and down. I love hills and trails, I just had been avoiding them because of the additional energy required and I have to be careful of my footing. For some reason, this week I felt confident I could maintain my footing and not go overkill on the heart rate. It's like I have more confidence in my running.Well, I guess I now have 20 weeks of peri- partum experience. 

Maybe, it's power of suggestion. Despite being "hemodynamically disabled and disadvantaged" in the first trimester, there is a slight increase in VO2 max during the second. Before you go hating on me for blood doping, pick up a  10 pound bag of flour or two and head out for run. That's pretty much the extra poundage I am carrying around. No complaints from me because the end result, a healthy child, will be totally worth lugging around the flour. Plus, this must count as resistance training.

Torrey Pines, Oh how I've missed you!

 I actually ran the trails yesterday after a work meeting a Scripps Green, normally I work in the less scenic neighborhood of Hillcrest.  I thought I must go back with my phone and take pictures. It's the perfect way to celebrate baby's 21 week birthday.

Attempt #1 at self portrait.

 I  really wanted to get a 21 week baby bump picture...and show off my new $10 run skirt. It actually has received a lot of compliments. Possibly it looks so bad it brings out others kindness so they compliment.  Possibly they really do think it's cute and are thinking of downing Krispy Cremes so they can borrow it. I will be glad to lend it to the next triathlete who becomes preggo.

Attempt #2: I am struggling a bit in the photo as either post swim chlorine or the wildflowers were making my nose run. I also had a clogged tear duct so it looked like I was crying. If not for the messy state I was in I would have nabbed a tourist to take the photo. I figured in my tearful and snotty state I might get the lecture on should you be doing this pregnant?

Number 3#: Almost gets the bump, totally misses the skirt. I'll keep practicing. 


In honor of my friends racing Wildflower this weekend:
 I take this photo and attempt to run up Torrey Pines. 

Mile 5 was up, up, up. I chose the road inside the park again today. I can't run it without stopping. Well, I could run it without stopping. If I had a gun to my head, but I didn't. Apparently pregnancy is making me a runner and a swimmer. I decided to treat the uphill mile like swimming 100's on base plus 10. I would run comfortably hard for about a minute or two then walk for 10 seconds. Repeat. I don't know exactly how long each interval was because I would just pick and object and run to it or beyond. This tactic worked pretty well if I do say so.

 I guess some people would say sticking to the flat is a better, more honest workout. Maybe, but I think this view trumps all and I must capitalize. I haven't picked out the BOB yet for baby, but I don't think one could go down the trails at Torrey, ecspeically all the steps. I figure I should get my time on the trails in now.

Don't get me wrong though. As much as I am enjoying running these days, it is definitely harder that running not pregnant. It's just different mentally now because it is something I don't want to loose versus something I view I should do to prepare for a race.Last summer I bike commuted a lot.  I rode my bike home from the grocery store with and without bags of flour in the basket. Guess what  without the flour it was a lot easier :) Climbing Torrey was not that easy but it wasn't unsafe as I was running with a water bottle, a phone, and gels if needed. Oh yeah, and I'd like to think common sense says I could take a rest on a park bench if needed. It was really satisfying. 

Intensely satisfying. 

It's back to work for the weekend.So that's a wrap for week 21 : 3 masters swims, 37 miles of running with two Torrey Pines runs, and 50 miles of biking. I cut back on the biking this week as Baby Girl's head is resting next to my right ileopsoas tendon  (not just my imagination but visible on ultrasound) and when I bend over to ride it pushes the tendon inflaming it. I'm not very tall, so I guess she doesn't have much other place for her head to rest.  I'll accommodate her positioning and focus on running and swimming. We all know I could use some extra time swimming. No sense aggravating the tendon and being out totally. It's funny I would have guessed I'd carry high and have difficulty breathing. Nope. I also assumed my back would kill me. Nope. My track record for guessing isn't too good.

Week 21 wasn't all about getting sweaty. Nope. It was time to clean up.

 I total girl fashion I went to a Royal Wedding party Friday night. I was a fabulous affair hosted by my friend Jess. We were supposed to wear tiaras but I didn't have one, so I wore sparkles on my dress. I must say the ceremony was very beautiful. Kate's dress was gorgeous, her sister's was "Rocking" and verdict was Kate must be a very nice and secure person to allow her sister such a "hot" dress.  As for the attendees.....the Brit's should consider using more Italian designers. Those hats, I am not even going to go there.


tim said...

You ran twice as far as I did this week!

cindy said...

Correction, Tim. Your wife and your daughter ran twice as far as you did this week. It gives fresh meaning to I drop boys!

idropboys said...

so the reason you cannot get the skirt and the bump.....sorry girl but your arms are too short :) Ill take it next time