So Much Summer

With a little magic 
and a lot of super hero power ...

 The school year has come to an end.

 Not without the classic end of the year school trip to a family farm .
 Isaac got to ride the bus and help chaperone. It was the best day of his life. Buses, barns, electric fences...maybe I need to be wearing the super hero cape. 
 It's bitter sweet finishing Pre K and moving on to kindergarten...but alas it is time to move on. For the record I will be attempting to stop time once Isaac is in Pre K.
The school year ended with a trip to the Garland zoo, a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's, and a trip downstate to see friends.
The most amazing thing ever happened on the last day. The children were allowed to eat ice cream for breakfast.

 This did a little to sweeten the blow of leaving our old friends and new BFF's
 It was hard to say good bye. During tough times you just hold on to what you've got.
 At least until it squirms away. 
Once home it was business as usual. Riding bikes and wrenching on them.
 Learning about turtles and snakes

 playdates and sprinklers
 Stringing beads
and digging in the sand.

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