Easter Weekend 2010

Pine Valley Duathlon 2010
Laguna is one of my favorite places to ride whatever the route.
After the race we were very hungry. Since TCSD was supporting the Duathlon I brought only a few gels. Our journey was only beginning. We needed more fuel. We wanted real food. Leave it to Tim to think of the answer.
I don't like bagels! They taste ok, but honestly they are the biggest hoax ever. Disguised as something healthy they have the calories of a slice of pie. Why not just have pie?

The Tri Club carried participants belongings down the mountain but we didn't want any time constraints on our fun. So onward to Julian we road. After that it was up Engineers Rd with shoes on our back and pie in our belly. The strangest thing happened. The climb seemed easier than ever before. I think it was because I knew if I got tired pedaling up the mountain I could put my comfy running shoes on and push my bike up.

What a good day.


Shelley said...

Love your bike!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...


Stacy said...

That pie looks yummy! So sad I missed it... Why did they have to put the race on Easter weekend?
I'll have to go in search of pie with you up Laguna soon.