Easter Earthquake

We had a great Easter. I regret to inform you the Easter Bunny might be a bit of a drunk. Instead of candy, he brought Tim a basket of beer and a bit of coffee. Apparently not all of it was supposed to be for Tim. It really made it hard for the Easter Bunny to hop along at any decent speed so he left it all at our house. He advised Tim to share but we will see what Tim does.
I was supposed to have to work on Easter but the Easter Bunny arranged for me to get the day off. Well actually I was on call, which meant by mid afternoon if I hadn't been called in I wouldn't be. The Easter Bunny worked his magic and we headed out for a mountain bike ride. We were inspired by a recent mountain bike movie we watched....directed by "The Weekender" and we couldn't wait to ride. Once again I kept up with the boys. Ok, so the boys had one gear to my dozens but that's not my fault. Then I dropped Tim. Ok, so his pedal broke. You can't really blame that on me either:)

Once again I learned how to best survive an earthquake. Ride a bike. This is the second earthquake I have ridden my bike through. Apparently you don't feel the motion if you are in motion and I only stop moving when I am sleeping. In all seriousness I am thankful to be safe.

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