3 Cheers For A Thrid Birthday

On September 10 th I turned 3.My birthday was amazing! It may have been cold. It may have been raining cats and dogs but thanks to my super weather proof Chariot I made it to the Muffin Movers Run. I was rewarded with a warm celebration. All of the runners sang happy birthday to me...and they have good lungs. I wore my hat for the entire 7 mile run, then refueled with a muffin.
Next up it was the U.P. Children's Museum. It's one of my most favorite places in the whole world. They have a little gift shop and usually my Mom makes up some lame excuse for why I can not purchase all the merchandise. On this day, my special day, my birthday, I scored a monkey hat. It made me smile. It made a lot of good folks smile. Missing from photo...the monkey tail.
 After that it was a stop to the bakery to the Huron Bakery to pick up my cake. Why didn't my Mom make me a cake because I would have insisted on helping and frosting the walls :) Well my Mom either makes homemade bread or buys bakery bread. If you are going to go for the gluten, go for the stuff that molds in a week alrighty. Hmm, it seems my Mom rarely makes bread anymore it must be because she has snuck off to the basement to run on the treadmill while I am napping. Running while watching  TV or Moivies via the I pad or kindle, head phones are the way to go people because you will never hear a TV well without headphones while running on a treadmill. Back to the bread. Well golly gee, I would love to knead that dough..Why oh why oh why doesn't she just do it while I am awake? I mean you should see what I do with play dough.

In case you are wondering, It is possible to get a preschool child in an out of a car several times without said child getting wet. It is not possible for the Mom of said child to stay dry in process. It just isn't. Once we were home and dry, we set to work decorating the house. Is there anything kids love more than balloons. I told my Mom "you made my day very special"
Later that week we had a joint birthday party. One of my BFF's has a birthday 4 days after mine. We have the same circle of friends so why not combine the party.
It was a great time indeed with hats and horns for all.
Yes, I said there were hats for all. Even the Grandpa's.
Speaking of Grandpa's.....It would appear that most all the furniture in the pictures
table and chairs, bench below

tent and playhouse were made by my Grandpa
I must be a lucky girl indeed. Made with love.
Speaking of love....Do you think I'll score a date to the prom?

Big sister of the boy says "don't bother." Boys have cooties.
I couldn't be a birthday party without the cake. Sugar them up....

And get some good pics.
Ahhh....and presents too. What could be better.?
A day made in heaven.

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