Something To Prove

We all have something to prove. Apparently if one is too hung up on the issue, they risk getting labeled as having a chip on their shoulder. I'm not worried about that. I only eat corn chips and despite being messy I never get them on my shoulder. Who does that? So back again to the statement: Today's children economically useless, emotionally priceless. 
 I have great economic value. I helped build the trail in the above picture. In addition, I named the trail. In addition to that, there is a spot on the trail called Annika's slide. It is the natural terrain and I slid down on my bum bum pronouncing it a slide. I think about 25% of the riders will be able to clear this section without putting down a foot. Please note in your moment of regrouping and thinking "that spot is too steep" a 2 year old slid down that very spot with a huge grin and a "wee!"

 The trails aren't the only place I carry my own weight.
I am a big help in the kitchen. I unwrapped all the Hershey's Kisses for these cookies. So a few of them may have gone in my mouth and had to be set aside by my Mother. What of it? Don't worry, if she missed any I accidentally contaminated...They were just going to my Dad's ride group. Hello! Men who ride their bikes in the dirt, dark, and rain certainly have dealt with worse. And now you know why homemade baked goods are banned from preschool.
Economic Worth case in point #1452: I cleaned my Mother's bike. Maybe I have ulterior motives. I figure in about 7th grade I'll fit in my Mom's bikes. Why steal shoes when you can borrow a bike? Seriously, I'm well trained. Mid cleaning I asked "Mamma are those pizza cutter wheels?" (Good question, technically no...they are 29+ , half way to Fat tires. Perfect for fall leaves. Pizza cutter wheels....Kids says the darndest things. 

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