Halloween. The Preview.

When I lived in Santa Monica I realized L.A. celebrates Halloween like none other.
I must say the Superior Land treats Halloween with some justice
In fact, this Halloween season. I'll have the chance to celebrate Halloween 4 times.
Do you think Santa will come 4 times for Christmas?
My first costume choice was a lion. There I am getting my make up done.
After that it was pony riding time.
Then it was home for a power nap and costume change and off to the next event.
In case you are wondering this time around I was "Barker" the puppy. Prior to that it was "Roar-EEE" the lion.

It was a great time.
Note that my collection basket is a bit empty. Blame my Mom for that, we were stragglers to the event because my Mom was once again out on her bike when I could have been collecting candy. Story of my life.
At least my Dad has got my back.

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