Be Brave And Ride On!

 We went to the Baraga Street Festival for the second straight year.
 Some children were ferreted around in strollers, wagons, or tag along bikes. I chose the high ride. Papa Tim Tim's shoulders.
 Rumor had it there would be a carousel. The rumor was not a rumor. It was true. I waited in line. I measured beyond the height. Poor Curious George would not have passed. I thought my turn would never come....

 And then it was my turn! But it was frightening. It wasn't like riding a real horse or pony.
 The bar was cold and the horse went up and down! I mean UP AND DOWN!
And then I relaxed. I started to have fun.

 A lot of fun! Proof one should never give up and never give in.
 My first words upon exit: Do it again? Hey it never hurts to ask.

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