Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Imagine a place where kids are encouraged to ride their bikes
Off road
On single track
 Real single track
With roots and trees and turns

I really got a feel for things and advanced my skills

I mean look at that girl rip

There was a great crowd for me to learn from

 We must live in a special place. It ain't the 909

 For sure, it's the 906. Area code for adventure. All season, all sports, all adventure
 I was awarded this water bottle. Don't think I don't know what those stripes mean .

 What you think I am just here for fun?

 Or some good exercise?

 Hah! I have perfected the art of shuttling!
 My Dad shuttled me up to the top of the caterpillar bumps. We have caterpillar bumps, bridges and teeter totters. I rode everything. Cleaned all of it. The teeter totters were my favorite.

 That being said sometime a mellow ride with friends is perfect.
 There really are a lot of equipment choices in the sport of mountain biking. A bike is a bike is a bike...said no decent mountain biker ever!
 My friend prefers a classic wood bike with black tires. While I ride a blingy pink bike with clean white tires. Note the difference in our frames geometry and wheel size? See mountain biking is not just for adults.

Live long, ride strong, and be merry. 

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