Preschool is Cool!

We have been talking about it all summer. All my friends are doing it. It's just the thing for potty trained 3 year olds in this town . It is preschool!

 My Mom wanted to take a Pinterestesque style picture of me on the morning of preschool. I was to hold the piggy chalkboard. It was to declare special things about me.
 But on the first morning of preschool. I just couldn't stand or sit still and pose in that manner.
 Good thing negotiations for first day apparel were finalized the night before.
 I was so excited I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and asked if it could be morning. When it was morning for our household I insisted breakfast needed to be eaten in the car. No time to delay sitting at the table. Thank goodness for all the healthy and portable options my Mom stocks up with just for situations like this.

It took me a while to notice my Mom at pickup time. I guess I wasn't quite ready to go.

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