Rocket Ship!

 For a while I have been begging my Mom to build a rocket ship. She wasn't sure where I got the idea but I am fairly certain it came from my limited and cherished time watching Daniel Tiger. In case you are wondering he is the spinoff from Mr. Rogers. The show is deemed to be pro social and it has catchy tunes about doing things like eating veggies, and putting on your shoes in the morning. if a preschooler or toddler would ever dawdle in the am. My Mom downloaded the songs and sometimes on Wednesday we blast them from my Jawbone speaker for the whole run group to hear. Other times I treat them to Frog and Toad or Skippy Jon Jones (say that 10x fast)
 Anyway I started small with just the box and some finger paint.
 Then I jazzed it up with my helmet. Later I added my sunglasses for full effect

 For the record:I launched myself to Africa and the moon.
 How about them apples? What apples. I got potatoes.
 Seriously, if you want to entertain a bunch of kids at a cyclocross race.
 Have it at a farm and let the kids dig. You can't imagine the miles we got out of those potatoes.

 My Dad was working so my Mom sat out the race to be my race sherpa. I had intended to do the kids race...but the kids race was so short that I missed it due to the length of time it took me to scoot my bike in from where we were parked. I did make it to the finish in time for a silly straw prize. The adults one pumpkins, turnips, or potatoes for their podium finish. I said I wanted a pumpkin and a winner gave me his. At the end of the day I was tired and my Mom proved herself to be a competent sherpa indeed carrying me, the potatoes, the scoot bike, and the pumpkin to the car in one trip. For all the expectant Mom's out there eyeing up the Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags....just get a really good back pack.

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