Let It Snow

Annika Ruth reporting in once again. What do you know folks it snowed in San Diego county.

My Dad made the most of it when he and his friend Paul rode Noble Canyon in the snow. They even made a movie documentary of the experience. My favorite part is when my Dad tells Mr. Paul to "Ride fast I am video taping". I wouldn't call them amateur riders but definitely amateur producers.

Although I am happy for him don't you think next time he should pull me in one of those bike trailers? Even better how about on a sled? I think I'd like that a lot. It's only fair. He has had 33 and 1/2 years to enjoy snow and I have never even seen it.Why does he get to ride in the snow while I am stuck home with my Mom who thinks giving me a bath is big excitement?  I could do a lot with that snow. I could make snow angels or a snow man. We could have a snowball fight. I could even eat the snow but I am no dummy...I ain't going to eat yellow snow.

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