My First Christmas

My 15 week birthday coincided with Christmas Eve. Quite frankly my 15 week birthday was overshadowed by Christmas Eve. I learned Christmas is birth of Jesus Christ. I gracefully took a backseat to his birthday and didn't put up much of a fuss. Only a real baby would do that. Plus this great guy named Santa Claus brings presents to good little boys and girls. I heard he had a list of who is naughty or nice. I wanted to be on the nice list.

Judging from the above picture my Dad and I both made the "nice" list as evidenced by my giraffe "Sophie" and my Dad's new cycling jersey. Christmas was quite a blast.Grandma Cindy and Pop Pops came to visit me.  My Dad had some extra time off work to play with me.

Wait that was my Christmas gift. No fair!I'm expected to share already. Oh brother.
Well folks. It's time to enjoy the glow of the Christmas tree while it lasts. Christmas is only once a year.

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