Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Well hello again world! In case you don't know me by now I am Annika Ruth and I have taken over my Mom's blog. Lucky for me, I timed things just right. I missed Labor Day by only a few days but I arrived in time to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and now Christmas.

Christmas is my favorite holiday so far. My Mom told me all sorts of stories about getting a Christmas tree. She has exciting tales of trekking through the forest and sawing down a tree. The tree always falling on one of the kids present. Needless to say I was pretty excited when we headed out to get the tree and pretty confused when we pulled the car up to a semi truck at Costco and picked out our tree. Come on Mom! Where is the saw, snow and excitement?

The next step was to decorate the tree. Thank goodness for my Dad. He is really good at stringing the lights, He can reach the very top of the tree without getting out the step ladder. Then my  Mom hung the ornaments. She told me the story behind each ornament. I have to say I have a favorite ornament.
Shortly after we hung this ornament I received the "I did the best I could in life with what I was given, but I expect and hope for more from you" lecture.  I'm sure they have spell check in art these days. In fact there is probably an I phone app for gluing pasta letters on painted popsicle sticks these days.I'm so not worried about my arts and crafts projects coming back to haunt me.

Then they placed presents under the tree.

Hey! I am the perfect sized present.

My mom explained to me that the Christmas tree is topped with an angel or a star. Wait a minute! I'll do it.

If somebody could just give me a hand and hoist me up to the top of the tree. I need some help here.


Born To Endure said...

awwwwwwwwww too cute!!!

Grandpa said...

Fly Annika, fly.