Red Nose Run Race Report

Hello again world it's Annika Ruth. Usually I blog once a week but this week has been so exciting I am blogging twice. Yippee!  My news is big. On the eve of my 13 week birthday I entered my first race, the Red Nose 5 K beach run in Del Mar. It's a charity run for wounded Marines. This was the 20th year the run  has taken place.

I'm pretty excited because in my very first race I beat my Mom and she has been running for years. She was a step behind the entire way!

My race report is going to be primarily in pictures because I am not quite 13 weeks old yet and the language center of my brain is still developing.

Race Report:
1:00 p.m. Arrive in Del Mar. Assemble stroller and run short warm up. Forgo checking PSI of my race wheels as the run is entirely on the beach so low PSI is fine my Dad told me so.

1:20 p.m. Keep a low profile and let Mom handle the paper work for the entry. FYI: My Mom wrote Jennifer and Annika on the entry form. My registration is official.

1:21 p.m Decline any and all opportunities to sit on Santa's lap.

 This can't be the real Santa. he is way too thin.

1:30 p.m. Pre race meal. Sorry no photo available

1:45 Size up competition and set goals.

Goal #1: Set Personal Record (PR)
Goal #2: Age Group Victory
Goal #3 : Beat all furry friends

1:50 p.m. Intimidate the competition

1:55 p.m. Calm pre race jitters with Binky

2:00 p.m. Run

2:23.23 p.m Finish....ahead of Mom.

Photo of finishing time required when realized that official race results consisted of writing down the first three finishers names in pencil on a clipboard. My Mom and I narrowly missed the clipboard. I was 5th, she was 6th. I did accomplish all my goals. I finished first stroller, first in age, ahead of all those with fur, and ......I dropped A LOT of boys. Ok so not many people can race a 5k at 2:00 p.m. on Friday but my Mom says "you got to race who shows up"


Grandpa N said...

Congrats! PR for you Annika and you beat your mom. She will be smarter next time so watch out. Don't let her draft behind you then out fox you at the end.

Whew. That was a fast time which your grandpa can't do. Faster next year?

So if you lose 1 minute 10 seconds in a marathon for every pound you gain, how much slower will you be next year in the 5K? Your mom will make sure you eat plenty of Christmas cookies. Watch out.

Born To Endure said...

Way to go and super cute pics!