Family Friday!

This Friday was special. My Dad took a vacation day and we had "Family Friday". You just know things are going to be good when you wake up to wear this.

My Dad dressed me. Has he got style or what?
I don't know why my Mom kept laughing when she looked at me. In case you were wondering it was cold out. The jacket is highly functional.

Reporting in on world news I'm sure you all heard that the U.S. Troops pulled out of Iraq. Well at the very same time my Mom  enrolled me in Baby Boot Camp. Can you believe it Boot Camp at 14 weeks? At least the class was through the Scripps Wellness Institute and overlooked the ocean and Torrey Pines golf course. I was a little concerned I was going onto a military base.

I did my core work at home before class started. This class was more geared for the Moms than the babies. Core strength is very important for Moms because we babies love to be carried around. It's a good thing I was there to support my Mom. I caught her holding on to my stroller for a few of the balancing and stretching poses at the end of class. What would she have done without me?

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