Who Needs Two Wheels When You Have Three!

Annika's opinion of climbing Torrey Pines

My Mom told me that everybody who is anybody and knows anything about cycling likes to climb Torrey Pines. She said climbing it on a clear crisp Saturday in December was like going to a Christmas party with the smiling riders in their bright jerseys riding merrily up and down the hill. I said "What are we waiting for? Let's go"....and she said Annika you are 13 weeks old you can not ride your bike up Torrey Pines yet. First of all you can't sit up and secondly your bike doesn't even have pedals.What a kill joy she is.  No, no, no Mom! You don't need two wheels to be part of the fun when you have three. So off we went to join the party.  

First we did a quick tour of the eucalyptus groves to warm up. I love trees. All of my favorite running partners have noticed this. At the top of Torrey Pines she made me a deal. If she could push me up without stopping for a walk break in 60 years when she is old and gray I'll push her up Torrey Pines. I agreed on two counts.
1. I didn't think she could make it.
2.If she did make it she be so old grey and demented she won't remember. (Although she argues that the exercise she gets is going to help prevent the dementia)

When my Mom and her friends ride hills or mountains for that matter they have a rule. The least tired or most fit person has to tell a story on the climb. Well you can guess who did the talking up Torrey Pines. Technically it would be baby babbling or cooing but I did the talking the whole way up the hill. She seemed interested and I distracted her enough that she didn't need a break. Good of me eh? They say I am a good baby. Is there a bad baby in town?

All good things come to an end and it rained on Monday. My Mom did her best to turn the living room into a Gymboree playland.

.. ...And my Mom said I couldn't sit up...o.k so I am getting a little help for the Bumbo chair.

That's ok I will keep my head held high and my chin up.

And I'll keep my eyes open for when the rain stops and I can go outside and play again.

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